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Panacea-BOCAF is an educational organization which operates as a not for profit entity.Panacea deals with the training, consultation, protection and research into suppressed FREE energy technology and sustainable development.Panacea also deals with the education on whole food/organic nutrition to prevent and treat disease. In addition - Alternative medicine which like our nutritional research remains suppressed in our education system due to a conflict of interest.


Our ultimate aim is for a curriculum that teaches innovation in the areas of ecological betterment and laws to protect the enviroment. All future Jobs and careers must be relate to being ECO friendly to our environment. Children must learn this from the start.


The education system must create a sustainable community that integrates technology with environmental responsibility. The support and value of ALL individuals in the world community as a collective whole. Cooperatively, valuing integrity above all else, while living their lives with out the subjugation of nature or of one another.



Latin, from Greek panakeia

from panakes all-healing,

from pan- + akos remedy

: a remedy for all ills or difficulties:



The Acronym 'BOCAF' associated with the Panacea-BOCAF web address stands for 'Building Our Children A Future'. Panacea is a not for profit organization aimed to be world community operated and owned. Panacea is an organization with advanced holistic methods of tutelage for environmental sustainability and social equality.The organizations purpose is to serve an eleemosynary role.


1) Eleemosynary- relating to charity, charitable, or the giving of alms.

2) Eleemosynary: of, relating to, or supported by charity.

Meaning #1: generous in assistance to the poor

Synonyms: beneficent, benevolent, philanthropic Do·ta·tion-n.


Panacea has been set up to be of benefit to the world-community. A considerable portion of the organization is dedicated to the research, education and protection of alternative and suppressed clean FREE energy technology to create self sufficiency, improve public health and the environment.The following summary of commerical FREE energy devices , sustainable development , orgnaic raw and whole food nutrition , alternative cancer treatments and alternative medicine remain neglected, unknown and have no security. Panacea's FREE energy technology research remains the only energy saving, pollution reduction and climate change solutions which enable:


Environments and ecology to be renewed and preserved.
Poverty and famine to be eliminated.
Power struggles over depleting resources to cease.


Panacea is heavily involved in helping police and educate neglected FREE energy systems for higher education.Our ultimate aim is to create the infrastructure needed for this specific purpose withThe Panacea-BOCAF Research and Development Center


Panacea offers the worlds only unofficial open source FREE educational resource dedicated to the research and development of alternative and suppressed clean FREE energy technology and medicine as a public non profit service. Although this online resource is not yet officially recognized , it is at the heart a university, as we teach. All engineers looking for technical instructions regarding open source FREE energy research please refer to: Panacea Tech This resource was created for the re-education from laymen to engineers. This division of the non-profit organization is made up of engineers world wide, who devote much of their knowledge and services for free within the open source community.


Panacea also deals with the training, consulting and promotion of sustainable development design.This effort involves the education of the available alternatives to all the current polluting industries.The video on our fuel saving -pollution reduction page shows neglected technologies - These simple modifications are in critical need of funding and can help save energy and reduce pollution.


Panacea's Z5 & Xtreme Fuel Treatment Test Results


Panacea also helps with Activism and issues needing public education and social reform. SIGNED PETITIONS ARE NEEDED TO HELP CREATE PUBLIC PRESSURE TO GAIN FURTHER PROGRESS. Please check our activism section for further details on how you can easily sign and hep. you can also find us on the Panacea BOCAF facebook page.




We rely on donations. Please donate. Membership and work on Panacea-BOCAF is, as always, a voluntary effort. These efforts can be supported by you, or anyone, but there is no way to purchase the efforts of the members of this organization  to your own corporate, or other, agendas. Thus any funds should be considered as donations towards the reaching of a positive goal, not as paychecks.


The proceeds derived from materials offered on this website are carefully utilized toward various projects to bring about a better future for all. Please help us deliver suppressed and alternative FREE energy technologies to the public by making a donation.


There are many ways to render assistance towards the reaching of the goals of Panacea-BOCAF. You may, for instance, contribute any ideas or input - let us know of a new website or a replicable project or any such thing. You can also become a volunteer or even offer a donation. For those of you who are not able to use PayPal, it is possible to assist the foundation by mailing any form of assistance to the following address:


Care of Panacea-BOCAF

Panacea-BOCAF 12/7 High Street Highgatehill Brisbane Queensland Australia 4101



Overseas divisions, including France, Mexico and the USA allow a tax deductible donation.Please consult our Overseas division page for their contact details. The received funding is channeled into reaching the goals of Panacea-BOCAF.


How we intend to support the world-community. 


We intend to support you by establishing our educational projects world wide where they can make a differance in your life and for future generations.We will also support the class of human beings that is normally referred to as an "alternative energy" or "free energy" inventor.It is this inventor who thinks outside the box. We, and therefore, by extension, you, are aware of inventors who have toiled for decades to be able to attract interest and commercially market their FREE energy product, even though at first glance the product should have been available to the market the minute it was conceived.

These referenced inventors work on a shoe-string budget, mostly receive no support from anyone, and, during their life, they accomplish what they can - not necessarily everything that they aspire to. Thus most efforts yield a proof-of-principle prototype that could be improved on, enhanced and even utilized - if adequate funds would materialize. The other form of helping these inventors is to raise enough interest to cause a worldwide, serious analysis, and to thus then receive constructive suggestions on the possibilities of improving the device.

Needless to say, the internet is a very good resource for these make-it-yourself, DIY (Do it your self) people to get together and discuss. However, many of the lone inventors have to spend their own funds on setting up a laboratory, f.ex. in their garage. Thus it makes sense to fund a research and development facility that is publicly owned, publicly supported, and in the eye of the public. 

A voluntary, worldwide, infrastructure improvement service.

Any donations from private individuals, or from philanthropic organizations, will, firstly, be channeled towards the creation of a world first - a public alternative energy research and development center. This will then require maintenance and upkeep, and also materials and devices for the creation of devices and the measurement of devices.

The Panacea-BOCAF Research and Development Center will also have an extensive library of digital and relervant information slices, be they books, DVDs or videos (if you have access to old material that is related to this, please donate it to the center) - so that even these resources can be studied at the center. Secondly, funding will be put into supporting the members of the opensource alternative energy community.


In addition, here is an open letter which can be forwarded to any scientific and philanthropic foundation around the world. This information explains the reasoning why the public critically needs a granted research and development center set up by Panacea.


Why should we support the open source alternative FREE energy community?

All of the people related to, and connected with, Panacea-BOCAF have spent a considerable amount of their private time in searching for information on the past and existing devices and prototypes of devices, which have been invented and constructed by lone inventors, all around the planet, during the past 150 years - at least.These lone inventors, unlike their educated and academic counterparts, financed themselves, possibly produced a couple of prototypes, tried to attract financial interest, and either succeeded or failed, sometimes both at the same time.

It is sensible to offer these people the chance of finishing their product, device or technology. Especially, if, without support, the person would be unable to continue research into the phenomena he is studying. Especially, if the person will then disclose the device, product or technology to the public, opensource, and teach other people to build it.Once Panacea-BOCAF steps in, we have the public organization for channeling the support, and a center for R&D, for those who wish to co-operate in the same physical place.

If you click on "Research", and look under "R and D principles" you will see a list of people, inventions, and proofs-of-concepts, related to producing energy in alternative ways.  We should, by now, all be mostly familiar with the existence of solar panels, hydro-dams and windturbines, but this is not all there is - these are just the INTENDED marketable products presented.

Some of these have not yet reached maximum efficiency. If there is a way of increasing the efficiency of a wind turbine, a hydro-dam or a solar panel, by combining the existing technology with experimental, developing technologies, then would you not agree that there is worth in researching and developing these possibilities?We do not view them as future possibilities but, instead, current realities, waiting to be researched, developed - sometimes even re-developed.

This was just the simplest, most acceptable example of the improving the efficiency of a publicly known technology, by applying out-of-the-box, synergetic, thinking to it. But what about not-fully-developed technologies, say, an intuitive idea inspires a private inventor, who then never manages to convince anyone to finance him, and is unable to collaborate and co-operate with other such inventors in, the building working prototypes, and, secondarily, in explaining the theory behind the devices? What happens when this inventor abandons the idea? It is surely a loss indeed.


Mankind  thrives on original, creative, thinking. There is as much a need for original, out-of-the-box thinkers, as there is a need for stable, in-the-box thinkers who are able to value the rareness of out-of-the-box thinking.  These can, and should, collaborate, in a productive, constructive, positive way. Panacea-BOCAF exists to facilitate this.

How do we facilitate the collaboration and co-operation of private inventors with each other, and the academic theoreticians? 

For a beginning inventor it is almost always a case of missing information. Who do you network with, where do you find out details about related subjects, how do you find out about prior technologies... And how do you find the time and the resources to do all of that, whilst cramming in dozens of books, documentaries, conducting experiments, and doing brainstorming? The Panacea Center allows for the relocation of such an inspired aspirant to a place specifically designed for information discovery, information sharing, and collaboration between interested people - all with the same goal of the betterment of the world.

The aforementioned funding will support the center, the researcher, and the acquirement of materials - thus leading to fruitful experiments and interesting discussions between researchers of different backgrounds. The center will also host annual energy conferences, in the likeness of the famous KeelyNet, TeslaTech, IWONE and so forth conferences held worldwide - where researchers come to lecture on their devices, theories and discoveries. This is where networking is rife, where you can meet with likeminded people and have a good old think-out-loud.

Also, if the aforementioned, and other, energy-conference organizers will allow it, the Panacea Center shall license the recorded lecture materials and thus then combine information in an even better way. Everyone stands to benefit if all of the countless of documentaries and lectures that have been recorded in the past 3 decades become available. Same with alternative energy journals, rare out-of-print books, and so forth. There is a wealth of information that an aspiring inventor or engineer could then benefit from. The Panacea Center library will then assist the writers of The Panacea University to better find connections between different technologies and the research of different people. All of this can be supported by the public, either via funding or by direct, voluntary, work.


You can help us help you and the world. Panacea-BOCAF, The Panacea Center, Panacea University.


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