Panacea Petitions

All information is treated confidentially.

By filling in this form you have agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set out on the Panacea-bocaf site and understand them.

I am the proprietary holder of an alternative energy device who has read the Panacea-BOCAF terms and conditions

1) For public security of the device, to form and or assist in forming a conceptual division able to secure public access by the display of the faculty aspect of the device as a proof of principle under license, which can still hide the proprietary details and protect the invention should the engineer wish to do so.

2) To display and promote the device under license to help fund raise for the inventor and the non profit organizationís environmental projects.

3) To additionally help with distribution, market and manufacture of units should the interested party wish Panacea to help do so under licensed agreement. And who wishes to apply for submission of the device towards these goals.