Water Nature are an educational institute based on the teachings of Victor Schauberger. These principles deal with prevention of disease in human beings, conservation of the earth and FREE ENERGY, all based on implosion technology.

Water nature along with all the institutes mentioned on Panacea's PKS page in the R & D principles section will be consolidated to apply their faculty studies, pilot scaled devices and tangable results in Panacea's research and development centre once granted.

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We at waternature.com are convinced that the majority of our worlds problems are caused by the simple fact that as a people we have created a technology that by it's very nature is a life killing system. Our waters hydrological system, which is the life blood of this planet, has been severely damaged.

We believe that monoculture, deforestation and mainly explosive technologies are almost the sole cause of our earths illness. Our injured hydrological system is causing the increase in human illnesses and the devastation of many species, the warming effect, the floods, the hurricanes. Science today is becoming more and more aware of how necessary it is to communicate between disciplines.

Victor Schauberger almost single-handedly mapped out the solution to these problems. His free energy technologies threatened the multi-internationals and their exploitation of the earths natural resources. This is one major reason why he encountered so much antagonism within the science community of his day. Fifty years later the earth's condition is much worse and many of his conclusions are unfortunately coming to pass.

His views and the truth of the nature of water offer new views to a world, often directed by a one-sided science.He said, "Newton would have been far better off to understand why the apple got up there in the first place". 

Our direction here at Waternature.com is to implement real change, moving towards a world based on natures way. We have a number of areas to investigate, inform and implement. 

Header Titles: 

Areas of Concern 
The Sacred
The Science
The Art
The Product 

The Sacred 

To gather writings about water as a sacred element
To list locations of sacred waters and the importance of treating these areas with the utmost respect To inform on how water is used in sacred rituals 

The Science 

To explain the many aspects of the Hydrological Cycle according to the true nature of water

To demonstrate the water vortex curve 

To set up a team of experts for R&D and also to help solve other technologists problems concerning Implosive systems Sample experiments for the educational institutions To show how today's science is struggling to stay alive with Newtonian conclusions in a Post-Einsteinian world 


To implement a water news section to better understand natural catastrophes according to implosive theories

To educate from elementary to university levels in this "octave higher" new science 

To create Learning Objects to implement the understanding of the nature of water To organize trade shows and seminars, world wide

To found an Institute of Implosive Energy Technology

To produce multimedia presentations for educational and artistic purposes (photographs, film/video documentaries)

To list educational sources for conventional institutions to learn about this new science (books, multi-media, research papers, etc.) 

To set up a water watch system internationally

To write various newsletters concerning the many 

aspects of transforming to this new technology

To list excerpts dealing with water

To list definitions of this new technology and water

To list links on all subjects concerning water,pertinent to the alternative methods of containment, flow and purification 

To educate through news articles on the categories of water privatization, wars, economics, environmental issues etc.

To insert "DID YOU KNOW" fact bubble windows

To set up a Forum for the exchange of information

To list Explosive energy systems and their effect on this world (environment, disease, etc.) 

Our Health 

Educate on the importance of water in our life, its quality and therapeutic uses 

The systems for the energizing and purification of "M water". The importance of salts and water for optimum health, water therapy products available for rejuvenation. List internationally acclaimed water spas and related resorts 

Water Art 

To display a photographic stock library of spiral curve implosive forming images To list art events internationally dealing with water and/or implosive systems

To create art from water as in vortex fountains and other creations To create computerized Learning Objects (flash & animation) in many water related areas 


To list the latest products based on Implosive technology 

To expose new design systems and theories within the free energy world

To make available various products for consumer and industrial use

To set up a Think Tank consortium to help industry to resolve technical problems concerning implosive technologies R & D for new products List of Implosive Companies that we may eventually assist financially To assist Third World Water Crisis problems with practical implosive technology solutions. -End

Water Nature is currently under resourced like all institutes dealing with the research and development of implosion technology, all will be grant supported by Panacea once the centre is granted and established.

including nature waters products which include

Quote- Waternature.com is currently investigating numerous devices and technologies, more precisely bio-technologies based on the late Viktor Schauberger's work pertaining to the motion of energy.

We at Waternature recognise the need for the implementation of Viktor Schauberger's work, for little or no conventional scientific investigation of his revolutionary devices seems to have been documented. It is our aim to develop and build a multitude of products that eventually will replace current explosive-based technologies with implosive-based bio-technologies. 

We believe this transition is essential for the sustainability of the earth as we know it, and of all the life that dwells on this planet we call home. Currently we are in the process of designing and constructing several prototypes that utilize nature's implosive spiral curve motion. 

The typical heat, friction, and noise-producing machines that surround us in our everyday lives can and must be developed to work with nature, and to help enhance and build up life giving functions instead of promoting decay. 

Waternature is continually investigating and constructing various types of products and devices that offer real alternatives to current forms of technology to help bring about a much needed change for the sustainability of this planet. 

The understanding of a few basic shapes that nature commonly utilizes for storage and condensing actions can revolutionize how we move air or water, to promote life giving functions as well as for the production of energy. 

The following is a brief overview and description of those products and devices. 


Wise Nature requires a means of storage to maintain and preserve the basic fundamental information of life. Storage of genetic and vibrational information must be maintained throughout the various seasons of the year to ensure the return of the species time and time again. One close look at any egg, seed, or natural holding vessel found in nature, we discover a shape that holds and maintains an unequal balance. The opposing ends of the egg show both a pointed and round end, these opposites work harmoniously allowing energy to flow in perpetual motion within the egg. 

We are currently in development of a terracotta egg shaped water holding vessel. Due to the unique shape and properties of this vessel, water cools on its own with no conventional cooling equipment. This water also remains in constant motion within the egg keeping it remarkably fresh and discourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria. 


Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) developed a device in the 1930's to solve the worlds heating and cooling problems. Consisting of waveform circular discs constructed from opposing types of materials, when rotated these discs would produce large volumes of heated or cooled air determined by the speed at which they turned. Although the idea and concept is relatively simple the naturalesque shape can be physically difficult to construct. This device, as well as all of Schauberger's known devices require a fraction of the energy normal conventional heating and cooling devices require. 

Through our understanding of Viktor Schauberger's work we are currently in the construction stage of producing a working replica of this device. With our current energy crisis we understand the need for real alternatives to help solve the climate crisis. 


(hydro-electric generation, waste reduction/densification, vortex separation) The shape of the hyperbolic cone has almost unlimited uses, moving air or water within the condensing shape of the hyperbolic cone results in a very effective means of reducing friction in almost any system. Passing water through a hyperbolic shape increases flow velocity and density to such a point that if used for the production of electricity up to 90% of the available energy in water can be harnessed. Current hydro-electric dams roughly convert only 10% of the energy from falling water into electricity. 

These cone shapes can also effectively be used as separators to remove unwanted particles from gas or water becoming effective purifiers from water filtration systems to helping reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. Waternature is currently producing a variety of such hyperbolic cone systems from small portable units to large high volume output units. 


Waternature.com understands the limited understanding of implosive based spiral curve technology.

We offer services to help educate, develop and implement custom based solutions to all forms of industry who are conscientious of their effects on the environment. If any portion of a business is involved with the movement of air or water we can help. -End