Does this look like a NORMAL sky to you? What about the flight pattern?


Or how about this, does the following sky and flight path look normal?



For several years since 2001 the existence of an unusual type of aerial spraying activity has been observed and reported, generally termed "Chemtrails". Chemtrails differ from typical aero contrails in their high degree of persistence and subsequent spreading, as if a substance had been released. After years of research, the "chemtrail" issue is now known to be "Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering". Other Nano Chemtrails have also been observed.



Some of these substances have been identified by researchers. The official reasoning for Chemtrails is currently unknown. Researchers have identified that they do serve a multitude of tasks. These can range from HAARP, weather modification, "climate change"(There are patents for this) (Project Cloverleaf) to even population culling.



Essentially the evidence and data gathered by many has proven that they are witnessing something out of the ordinary, beyond an ordinary contrail.





The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed. By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called Geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water -- all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 -- and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger. Runtime 95 minutes.


Project Cloverleaf Pt 1


Well now this article is especially for the skeptics and non-believers that think chemtrails are merely water vapour or exhaust from airliners and even contrails, think again. This indepth interview with a former government employee A.C. Griffith, who worked very intimately with the secret government project codenamed "Project Cloverleaf". Mr Griffith gives details of the severity of chemtrails and the immediate effects from them. Mr Griffith also explains how he actually got deep access into the program witnessing first hand the extent of the aerosol purpose and the true way the aerosols are deployed into our atmosphere. A system designed that is attached on the wings of the aircraft and released from specially constructed aerosol canisters. Chemtrails are thereby not produced or created by the aircraft or it's exhaust . This is a regularly attempted explanation by disinformation specialists to discredit the truth of what chemtrails really are. Barium and other harmful chemical components are a sytematic project one titled "Project Clover Leaf" that is contuining daily world wide. Listen to this compelling interview and consider the reprecutions of what is being sprayed daily over our skies worldwide particulates we breathe every day too.


There is now more than enough evidence gathered to support the proof of chemical trails than there is to not support the existence of them. With this in mind, we are afraid the following won’t be easy for you to accept but is true.



Weather Wars: Death From Above - Alex Jones Tv



Panacea has received reports from a Nurse stating that every time a huge spraying operation is observed -Many people come down with nasal infections and respiratory problems.


The mainstream news has reports of many individuals testing water, air and soil which show toxic substances after an aerosol spraying operation occured (listed below). Even patents show that this phenomena is a real one (there is motive for spraying). What is more disturbing is that the substances that are appearing in these news reports by the community are listed in these patents. Others report illness which are directly associated with the substances being sprayed and found. AirCrap -More repot here.


The aluminum and/or barium based sprays can increase military radar
visibility on military flight paths (not chaff), reflect sun infrared back to space, obstruct the sky to reduce visibility of training exercises and prevent the masses from properly producing enough vitamin D - leading to mass problems related to low immune system function, and whatever else. And, all those things at the exact same time - Hitting many birds with the one stone.



Synthetically manufactured chem-clouds desiccate the air and very effectively block the sun. The principles of this grotesque aerosol project are spelled out in a number of U.S. patents. In 1974, persons associated with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) obtained patent US3813875 for using barium to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere.


US Patent - 3,813875


In 1991, Hughes Aircraft Company obtained patent US5003186, a method for seeding the greenhouse gas layer with tiny particles which include "oxides of metal , e.g., aluminum oxide." The patent states that one proposed solution to global warming was "to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.



US Patent - 5,003186


Furthe a powder "contrail" generation patent from 1975:


US Patent - 3, 899,144


US Patent - 3, 899,144


US Patent - 3, 899,144


There is more evidence to establish a motive and method for Aerosol spraying.



Liquid atomizing apparatus for aerial spraying

United States Patent / 4,948,050 / Picot / August 14, 1990


A rotary liquid spray atomizer for aerial spraying is driven by a variable speed motor, driven in turn by power from a variable speed AC generator. The generator is driven from a power take-off from the engine of the spraying aircraft, a drive assembly includes a device for controlling the speed of the generator relative to the speed of the engine. The particularly convenient drive assembly between the generator and the power take-off is a hydraulic motor, which drives the generator, driven by a hydraulic pump driven from the power take-off. The speed of the hydraulic motor can be controllably varied. Conveniently the AC motor is a synchronous motor.


Laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids
United States Patent / 4,412,654 Yates / November 1, 1983


A laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying involve the use of a streamlined body having a slot in the trailing edge thereof to afford a quiescent zone within the wing and into which liquid for spraying is introduced. The liquid flows from a source through a small diameter orifice having a discharge end disposed in the quiet zone well upstream of the trailing edge. The liquid released into the quiet zone in the slot forms drops characteristic of laminar flow. Those drops then flow from the slot at the trailing edge of the streamlined body and discharge into the slipstream for free distribution.


Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere United States Patent 4,686,605 / Eastlund / August 11, 1987


A method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region which normally exists above the earth's surface. The region is excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase its charged particle density. In one embodiment, circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation is transmitted upward in a direction substantially parallel to and along a field line which extends through the region of plasma to be altered. The radiation is transmitted at a frequency which excites electron cyclotron resonance to heat and accelerate the charged particles. This increase in energy can cause ionization of neutral particles which are then absorbed as part of the region thereby increasing the charged particle density of the region.


Geo Engineering coverage regarding Chemtrails

Geo engineering

Summery of -Chemtrail Patents

HAARP -Patent



Atmospheric Geoengineering is not new, neither is experimentation on the population.


The Case Orange report further states that the US permits open air testing of chemical and biological weapons, which overrides the civil law mentioned earlier in this article. The authors paraphrase the permissive law thus: “The Secretary of Defense may conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological agents on civilian populations.” It seems that ‘national security’ concerns can be used by the President to overrule environmental and public health considerations.-Source


The basic outline of the main evidence arising from the Case Orange report makes an important contribution to opening up otherwise secretive agendas that have no place in any self-declared democracy. Other significant reports include an important paper by Dr Ilya Perlingieri, entitled “The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health” [10]. She states: “Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country have shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano-aluminium coated fibreglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, dessicated blood, mould spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide and polymer fibres. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic [11] and is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminium has a history of damaging brain function.” I need hardly add that ethylene dibromide is a highly toxic agricultural pesticide. Read about the above through the excellent report here:


Evergreen Aviation, one of the worlds largest private aviation companies admits to weather modification service.On their own website in the Markets section for their New Super Tanker they state Weather modification among other interesting service markets.Content copied directly from Evergreen Aviation website:

The Evergreen Supertanker is not just limited to fighting fire . It will be a true utilitarian aircraft with the capability to configure to different applications on short notice. This multimission aircraft can support sensitive security and environmental missions. The aircraft’s exceptional drop capabilities, loiter time and size make it an ideal tool to perform challenging homeland security missions, able to neutralize chemical attacks on military installments or major population centers, and help control large, environmentally disastrous oil spills.In addition, the upper deck of the Boeing 747 provides over 200 square feet of space that could be assigned as a command and control center. EIA possesses an FAA exemption number 1870C that permits the carriage of up to five individuals that are not crewmembers in the upper deck. This area is capable of providing space for command and control components that would assist in sophisticated mapping, incident monitoring and video/communications downlink relay that might require additional personnel over and above the required crew.


You will not get any official recognition of this phenomena from authorities.

Chaff” Defines ChemTrails Says US Government There a lot of denial of this activity going on.




This article CANNOT explain how the observed "trails" expand to create clouds. This has been shown extensively on time lapse photography. It is impossible for a cruising jet aircraft to generate sufficient moisture in the ambient atmosphere surrounding and allow for a cloud to form naturally. Unless it there is manipulation of the laws of physics, this miniscule amount of moisture cannot grow and expand to create cloud.Yet authorities cannot answer accurately, the typical scenario with these type of questions being asked is, no answers are given.


With the trained eye it is not hard to observe the following:


Please visit blue no more


Further documented evidence comes courtesy of the blue no more website - WhiteSkies. For a comprehensive background on Chemtrails please consult the Aerosol crimes documentary.


You tube mirror - 'Chemtrails Aerosol Crimes Carnicom'.


Clifford Carnicom


This documentary produced by chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom is a must see and an excellent research tool. Five plus years into the operations has provided ample evidence in this 90min DVD that covers many topics. Over the years aerosol/chemtrail research has provided some leads but even more questions as to who and why the spraying occurs. It is clear jets are deliberately spraying the sky's and it will not stop until enough people are aware and willing to stand up for the operations exposure and termination.


PDX 9/11 truth conference. Guest speaker Cliford Carnicom.

Alex Jones Clifford E Carnicom talk about Chemtrails Part 1


Leading researcher in the "Chemtrail" issue discusses the latest findings and results conducted from his own research over the past 11 years. By his own ambition his research results are staggering which leave some serious questioning to be done on chemtrails and Morgellons Diesease.


Photographic evidence of a chemical trail taken from -Link 


Panacea is participating in the programs and gathering ideas to help - Here is a quick Vidoe sequence of these ideas and programs we are running.

YouTube - The Panacea Chemtrail Production (29 of 32)




YouTube - The Panacea Chemtrail Production (30 of 32)


An up to date summery report of evidence gathering


The Panacea-BOCAF Chemtrail Production

Full You-tube playlist- The Panacea Chemtrail production


Since 1997 to today, evidence and data continues to be collected by the
grass roots movements to show related health and environmental effects from
recorded Aerosol chemical spraying (AKA Chemtrails).Proven facts show the
difference between condensation or "contrails" vs chemtrails being observed plus the motivation for the aerosol spraying from many patents. Contaminated rain water and other samples have been identified with the elements mentioned in these patents (Barium, aluminum and many others) and are linked to the growing worldwide reported health effects. A new disease has also been identified with related data collected from Chemtrails (Morgellons disease).


Today in 2010 when this documentary was made, the Mainstream pop artist Prince
joins the press showing the German military, NBC news, and many documentaries in
presenting enough FACTs to motivate the public to address this chemtrail
phenomena. Governments continue to turn a blind eye. We are needed to create public pressure.Half baked investigations have been discounted in Panacea's production and instead a wide range of community reports and data has been included.


These include a concrete plan to set up a global rain water collection program
and to recruit private investigators to help track the planes and form a report
for the public. A global petition has been created to help create public
pressure.Panacea has presented a government lab tested rain water sample showing toxic aluminum and has written records about birds dying. We have spoken at a conference to join the chemtrail's community towards affirmative action. Your input is needed. Chris Carnicom first opened the doors for us with his data, we are ALL now needed to participate or you can forget this issue ever being addressed to capacity.


Educational video's


Chemtrails: on the trail of our assassins


Celia and Bill Abram, retired public school teachers, have been watching chemtrails since late 1998. A former meteorological observer with the Canadian Dept. of Transportation, Bill Abram knew early on that the chemtrails did not match his observations of cirrus or alto stratus or 'mare's tails' or anything else. It was chemtrails, not contrails, that was obscuring the sky. As a matter of fact, that's what the US government (and NATO) calls it. Not officially, of course, because it doesn't exist. 


That's why most of the public doesn't see them or rationalizes them away. They still trust 'their' government: They are under the sway of the ersatz collective cognitive imperative (to paraphrase Julian Jaynes). Celia and Bill Abram have been watching our double crossed skies for nearly a decade now. Celia identifies the trance state this way, "They never noticed it, haven't a clue what it is, and really aren't that alarmed when we tell them." As Celia points out, our only hope is to induce some cog dis in the trance states of Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia.


Currently due to a lack of response from elected officals the community are needed to help collect data (rain collecting samples , document trials etc) to help create further public pressure and force an offical investigation into the issue. Ray Sperring a Panacea colleague and Chairman of clean air and water has done brilliant work to collect data, present educational material and get politicians on record. Ray has also shown how to deal temporary deal any effects from the spraying.


Several rainwater samples are collected globally- all are saturated
with fatal 'OVER DOSE' Heavy Metals causing sickness, and killing
the eco systems and wildlife. This polluted rainwater caused by
'CHEMTRAILS' with H.A.A.R.P using the patented device by UN USA NAVY
'Contrail Generator' USA Patent Number - 3,899,144 Aug 12th 1975. published on several websites - Film report number 1 of 11. repor
t- Poison Rainwater Government Forensic Lab Report.


Ray's report tested by government Lab


Utube- Poisoning Rain Water

Alleged Chemtrail nozzle patent


Panacea's corespondent "Ray" additionaly made the Australian government (Hon Donna Faragher JP MLC (Copy to the Premier) (Copy to Birds Australia CEO G Hamilton)MINISTER FOR ENVIRONMENT; YOUTH) go on record regarding birds dying: Deaths of Native Birds at Hopetoun.No repsonse or investigation has resulted.You must help and sign the petition at the bottom of this page.


Copy of a Panacea Email kept for Public record. Copies are available on request


History shows is dangerous consumer products will not be either removed from shelves or re-engineered unless complaints are filed (Ask Erin Brockovich).And do not think for a SECOND that a simple name e-mail and country does not make a difference or is not essential ground work needed for this.


For example The Natural Solutions Foundation initiated powerful public response/grass roots campaigns when health freedom threats arise in the US including health-hostile legislation, attacks on natural doctors' licenses, dangerous and restrictive FDA guidance documents and policies which threaten natural health options and the wellness industry. Each of these public response grass roots campaigns has generated anywhere from 100,000 to nearly 600,000 e-mail and fax actions within days to weeks to make critically needed changes


Essential flyers to help get this information out can be found on the chemtrails 911Website.


News reports covering the effects and spraying


YouTube - Chemtrails on german RTL-TV (english translation)

Search for Story on You Tube


Suddenly a meteorogical radar registers the presence of a cloud but it's not clear how did this happen? The answer seems to be that this was the result of a military experiment. What are these misterious trails and what is their purpose? We will try to find out.. The military planes of the German Federal Army are manipulating our climate; this is what the weather researchers are presuming and their suspicions are confirmed. Sinister clouds, up to 350 km long, appear all of a sudden on the radar, but only on the meteorogical radars. The first time it happened was in the summer of 2005. and then in March of 2006. The german army has admitted having war exercises towards the borders with the Netherlands.


LA, USA News Segment on Chemtrails


Tampa Bay area weatherman explains Military/Government radar jamm(chaff), when his radar gets jammed by military chemtrails. This is one of many experiments are being conducted in our skies.


 NBC news: Chemtrails over California

Mr Norman Baker MP on UK chemical spraying

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

ZDF Chemtrails Reportage

History Channel Documentary -Weather Warfare

Chemtrails Interview on 2WAY FM Port Macquarie

(Geoff Gardiner speaks about chemtrails on 2WAY FM)

Talk show tries to Silence Chemtrails

"TOXIC SKIES" The Movie Aired on Australian TV




We the people have not been warned, advised or consulted but are certainly vulnerable to the outcomes.Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria.


Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fallout. The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including sedatives in this fallout.Dr.R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers.Dr Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Rahim Karjoom have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers.Additionally, Drs. Staninger and Karjoom have reported findings of self-replicating nano-machines and rivers of silicon running wild through the bodies of the Morgellons infected.Researcher Clifford Carnicom has reported finding chemtrails fibers that are an exact match with the bizarre fibers found in those suffering from Morgellons Disease. Toxic skies, weather control, mind control? and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP.



You tube CHEMA-KILL Mirror

CHEMA-KILL THE MOVIE (Extended Version 2.0)


This movie documents the irrefutable evidence proving beyond the shadow of a doubt or any refutation of the facts that 'Chemtrails', eg. government 'geo-engineering aerosol operations' are fully in effect over all of the United States, the U.K., and many other parts of the world! Also covered are the historical pieces of the puzzle revealing a long standing policy of experimentation on the American and U.K. public by Western governments, and the new 'Morgellons' epidemic of non-organic parasites which infest the human body, and may well be the latest scientific experiment!! Learn for yourself before it's too late! History shows us the strong manipulate the weak, and the trillion dollar banking oligarchs, dynasty families, planetary over-lords have finally reached the point of high-technology sufficient to nearly completely possess the whole of the world! Only one thing stands in their way to total domination. The 'useless eaters', the bulk of the chattel population that is no longer necessary to the continuation of their monolithic and persistent endeavor to attain full and unrivaled ownership of the 3rd rock from the sun, Earth.


To this end, 'soft-kill' elite military biological warfare operations are set in motion behind the scenes, and kept in place by an intricate web of outright denial, dismissing the empirical proofs, creating confusion and distraction, and other disinformation tactics used by the military industrial complex, as well as the main stream media. See in unequivocal measure all of the powerful evidence making the case for global depopulation, with massive yet clandestine scientific eugenics operations underway RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT AROUND THE EARTH! It is a guarantee that saving all our lives may depend on YOU knowing about this ultra-important information, and sharing it with others. Do your duty as a life and freedom loving individual, and your due diligence to research, review, and verify this information so you will completely understand how vital it is!


Chemtrail film: Don't Talk About the Weather


Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis?.This film is handed out to anyone with a free hand where I live yet I haven't found it on the Web so thought I'd extend its reach to a wider audience.Don't Talk About the Weather chronicles a grass-roots investigation into chemtrails, analyzing the different and contradictory official explanations, as well as uncovering official documents that prove chemtrails are not only real, but are a WEAPONS SYSTEM. It also examines media involvement, including subliminals and counter-intelligence, and links the subject to an all-encompassing political agenda. There should be something new here for anyone who sticks with it, as each section takes a different perspective. Information presented to provoke intelligent and peaceful debate. Cheers.One man's awakening to the aerial spraying phenomenon.


Chemtrails Mystery Lines In The Sky Produced & Narrated by William Thomas


If you are new to chemtrails, a brief introduction is in order. A professional working journalist for more than 30 years, I first reported on chemtrails for the Environment News Service in the winter of 1997. Since then, thousands of websites have appeared claiming various theories and agendas behind a phenomenon witnessed in the skies over 14 allied nations. Presenting no evidence to back their claims, some sites claim this is a clandestine biowarfare operation aimed at “culling” the human population so that only the elite inherit a ruined Earth. When confronted by the obvious lack of corpses piled high in the streets, these claimants quickly shift gears, stating that chemtrails comprise Part “A” of a binary bioweapon that will be activated later by special radio frequencies, causing everyone not ‘specially inoculated to instantly drop dead.When asked for documentation or lab tests to back up their assertions, the cull contingent falls silent.


Ignoring the illogic inherent in dispersing low concentrations of organisms - or medicine - randomly at sunlight-killing altitudes, other sites state that chemtrails are an aerial vaccine delivered to save us from terrorists who can genetically alter their biological cocktails overnight, instantly nullifying all existing vaccines. The fact that there are not enough vaccines or biowarfare agents on the planet to fill hundreds of tanker planes spraying daily for more than five years does not bother irresponsible Internet hysterics, who peer through microscopes without medical qualifications, or point to lint trapped in home air filters as “proof” of their contradictory contentions.I even receive calls from people who come away convinced I am part of a cover-up because I will not “admit” that ET space aliens are flying the tanker planes! None of this helps the credibility of chemtrails - or the many conscientious researchers who have spent years delving into this mystery while enduring much ridicule, continuous expense and no pay.


It is easy to make fun of what we don’t understand - and fear. During my time in Kuwait as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team, with oil raining out of a perpetual “oilcast” onto windshields and Arab garb, I learned that denial is the strongest human propensity. It is also, in this time of murderous government perfidy and runaway global warming, a species-limiting activity. Having researched and written two books dealing with biowarfare – Scorched Earth and Bringing The War Home - I can state for the record that while chemtrails are apparently making many people sick, and could even be linked to some deaths – they are not deliberate biowarfare.


Chemtrails are real.After a five-year investigation into chemtrails - including interviews with air traffic controllers (thanks to reporter ST Brendt), scientists actually involved in this project (thanks to reporter Bob Fitrakis), NASA and NOAA atmospheric studies, and corroboration from independent scientific lab tests on rain and snow samples falling through chemtrails (thanks to my Espanola correspondent, and Dave Dickie in Edmonton), I can state emphatically that chemtrails are not contrails. So what exactly are chemtrails? And what evidence is offered by the award-winning reporter who first broke this story? -



Sky Lines By Deborah J. Whitman


A Documentary Exploring"Chemtrail" phenomenon By Deborah J. Whitman


Satellite photos of chemtrails:



Essential Backround information by Amy worthington

STOP Chemtrails - Introduction

The Facts: Contrails vs Chemtrails

What In The World Are They Spraying? By Michael J. Murphy

Prison Planet Mirror

Chemtrails911-supporting evidence

Rosario Marcianò Researcher of Tanker enemy


It is not as easy to explain 'chemtrails' how ever the following evidence speaks for itself and is in need of alarm and address by you the general public, there is nothing we cannot accomplish being collective and communal against the institutions which seek to subjugate our children.


There needs to be proper scientific instrumental investigation committed into a public inquiry. If you are a member of the public which can donate financially, or you are an institution, faculty being public or private which can aid in the further equipment for investigation to educate proof, or prosecution of the following subject matter, please contact Panacea immediately and or contact the institutions listed.


The following an introduction taken from Link and for introduction only.



Meteorological phenomenon resembling some descriptions of "chem trails"The chemtrail theory is a group of theories regarding what are claimed to be unnatural contrails from aircraft. 


Contrails are formed by condensation of water vapor in the aircrafts' exhausts. Proponents of the theories maintain that some trails have an appearance and quality different from those of normal water-based contrails; i.e. that chemtrails are not consistent with the known properties of contrails. The general unifying factor is the belief that some kind of chemical or biological agent is being secretly released. The term "chemtrail" should not be confused with other forms of aerial dumping (e.g. crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting). It specifically refers to systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for some undisclosed purpose.

Among the theories proposed for the purpose of the alleged "chemtrails" are: atmospheric and weather modification, biological warfare. They are also theorized to be part of a system to counter the effects of global warming, to create a cheap wireless communications network for the military, or to create a more sophisticated radar system for HAAARP (for both defensive and scientific application).




Chemtrails are often said to be laid down

 in patterns, such as grids, X's and crosshatches.


According to a FAQ posted at Jeff Rense's website, "chemtrails (CTs) look like contrails initially, but are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of Xs, tick-tack-toe grids, cross-hatched and parallel lines. Instead of quickly dissipating, chemtrails expand and drip feathers and mares' tails. In 30 minutes or less, they open into wispy formations which join together, forming a thin white veil or a 'fake cirrus-type cloud' that persists for hours."


Chemtrail investigator, Clifford E. Carnicom, operator of a website entitled Aerosol Crimes and Cover-ups,has analyzed ground-level air samples following chemtrail events. It is not clear what his experience or expertise in chemical analysis is, but he carefully detailed the methods and procedures he used. He claims to have found airborne aluminum, barium, calcium, magnesium and titanium, and "microscopic fibers" in areas supposedly exposed to chemtrails.


"Chemtrails" are mentioned in House Bill HR 2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001, introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, where it appears as one of a list of "exotic weapons system[s]" to be banned under the bill


Proponents of the reality of chemtrails point to this as official acknowledgment of the possibility, at least, of such weapons systems. The reference to Chemtrails was omitted from the version of the bill re-introduced by Kucinich in 2002 as HR 3616 or in 2003 as HR 3657.


An article entitled The Chemtrail Smoking Gun by Bruce Conway, suggested that chemtrails represent the implementation of technologies suggested in a 1992 National Academy of Science study, Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming; specifically, that chemtrails are part of a secret project intended to mitigate global warming. Some science has corroborated this phenomenon as global dimming.


The Las Vegas Tribune, a free weekly broadsheet, ran an article on September 9, 2005, entitled Chemtrails - Coming Out Of The Closet? wherein that publication's managing editor, Marcus K. Dalton, stated that United States Air Force scientists working at Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, told Columbus Alive - a weekly entertainment magazine[4] from Columbus, Ohio - ("Stormy Weather", Dec. 22, 2001), that they had been conducting two aerial spraying experiments: "one involved aluminum oxide spraying related to global warming and the other involved barium stearate and had to do with high-tech military communications.


" Dalton basically rehashes William Thomas's article in Convergence Weekly,[5] though some new information is presented. Dalton has had a colorful past; he plead guilty in 1998 to violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in connection with selling or promoting at least $80 million in fraudulent securities[6]. In October of 2005 he was removed from his position as Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune, and in November of 2005 the Las Vegas Tribune publicly stated that "[Dalton] is not authorized to represent the Las Vegas Tribune.- wikipedia .


In 2001, American Congressman Kucinich included restrictions against chemtrail spraying in his Bill titled, the "Space Preservation Act of 2001".107th CONGRESS - 1st Session - HR 2977 IH - October 2, 2001- It disappeared - The Amendment was changed - it was killed.



Rep Kucinich


Rep Kucinich Rewrites HR 2977 - 'Chemtrails' Disappear






There are also other petitions to address chemtrails, Panacea will coordinate our signed petitions with any additonal ones. Here are some of the existing petitions.


Chemtrail Petition to Governor Schwarzenegger


We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition: Call on Gov. Schwarzenegger to Investigate Chemtrails Target: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor, State of California Sponsor: Eben Rey Calling for a State Level Investigation into the Aerial Spraying Campaign known as Chemtrails/Persistent Contrails.Call on Gov. Schwarzenegger to Investigate Chemtrails

Do you notice on an otherwise clear beautiful California day, that there are airplanes flying at a very high altitude emitting a trail of substance that doesn't dissipate?

They are officially known as 'Persistent Contrails', but for independent investigators they are called Chemtrails. This mysterious phenomenon is worldwide and there is a great amount of speculation as to their purpose and more importantly their effects.


Available research traces the origin of Chemtrails back to Dr. Edward Teller's 1990 white paper contention that a highly reflective substance released into the upper atmosphere/stratosphere could mitigate global warming by reflecting 1-2% of sunlight back into space. 


Independent sample tests of the substance yielded the following sub-micron particles:


* Aluminum
* Thorium
* Selenium
* Barium
* Silicon Carbide


Now the effects of sub-micron particles being sprayed over a 10 year period could affect the respiratory system. Could this be the reason for our increased susceptibility to influenza? These are the kinds of questions and speculated answers that are all over the internet from concerned Americans.

Enough Speculation, We Need Answers!


What is needed is an Official Statewide Investigation into the:


* Authorization
* Purpose
* Composition of materials
* Health Effects
* Weather Effects
* Success/Failure of Program
* Lifespan of Program


Of this Aerial Spraying Program - Chemtrails!! We Need Answers Now!Please Sign and Tell a Friend. Chemtrail Petition


To: U.S. Congress 

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, which gives the right of the American people to petition the United States government for a redress of grievances, hereby state the following: 

WHEREAS, unmarked aircraft are daily painting American skies with bio-hostile substances; and WHEREAS, aircraft which carry no identifying markings can not be identified as American and are, therefore, presumed to be hostile aircraft; and WHEREAS, these unmarked aircraft have been proven to be emitting substances which drift to the ground and are hostile to the health and well-being of American citizens; THEREFORE, it is concluded that Americans are, and have been for years, under attack and have become the victims of BIOCHEMICAL WARFARE. 

FURTHER, the United States government has allowed, and is continuing to allow, these unidentified aircraft to release harmful substances over American soil, which have been proven harmful to the American people; and  WHEREAS, the United States government has neither satisfactorily explained nor proffered any compelling reason(s) why it is in the interests of the United States government to allow harm to the majority of its people with these disease-producing, potentially lethal emissions; and WHEREAS, when asked about the situation, the United States government has engaged in evasion, deception, and stonewalling the American people in their pursuit of the truth of this matter. 

THEREFORE, it is presumed that the aircraft either belong to the United States government and are operating under the direct command and with full knowledge of the United States government or, in the alternative, the United States government has knowingly and willfully conspired with an outside, hostile group to allow harm to American citizens. 

THEREFORE, it appearing that the United States government is violating numerous rights of its citizens and in so doing is in a state of treason against its citizens, it is up to the American people to exercise their rights and hold the United States government accountable for its actions or inactions, as the case may be. CONSEQUENTLY, the people of the United States of America declare the following, 

TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT: Pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, we, the people of the United States, declare that we are grieved over the presence of "chemtrails" in the airspace over the United States and hereby petition the United States government to take immediate action to cease all chemtrail activity in the airspace over the United States of America. 

We, the People, further DEMAND an immediate, thorough and honest investigation into what the substance called "chemtrails" actually consists of and discover the true purpose of spraying America (and its people) with harmful substances. Such investigation will include independent, impartial experts, as well as ordinary citizens. 

The Undersigned.


Please support the address of this evidence


Note Volunteers needed although many have reported a decrease in the spraying operations in recent months there is evidence the operation continues. It is very important that the effort to inform the public continue. volunteers are needed across the country and the globe to better organize a proper public awareness effort about the program. I also believe the same needs to continue to expose the 911 cover up. Any one can contribute their efforts take you every day skills and try and incorporate them into the information truth movements. If you have an idea on how to better improve the public awareness operation please submit your thoughts to the e-mail address, the submissions will be posted latter on a comments page if enough participate.





Don't believe in chemtrails? Watch this! 


For years, pointing out the strange pattern of what to the casual observer appears as "contrails" in the skies was a quick way to earn the label "nut job." Now the TV news is starting to pay attention. Remarkable quote from the first video:"Until nine years, the government had the right under US law to conduct secret testing on the American public under specific conditions.


Weatherman radar gets jammed by chemtrails-Military testing

For Karsten Brandt, meteorologist, this is the answer to the enigma:


We can state with a 97% certainty that we have on our hands chemical trails (chemtrails) comprised by fine dust containing polymers and metals, used to disrupt radar signals.

This is their main purpose, but I was surprised that this artificial cloud was so wide-spread. The radar images are stunning considering the needed tons of dispearsed elements -- although, the federal army claims that only small amounts of material were propagated. The military heads claim that the substances used are not harmful.

- The registers report emissions of chemtrails at low altitudes... -- In the United States of America there are protest after protest for many years now, against these military operations and now people are mobilising in Germany as well. Per example JOHANNES REMMEL of the Greens. 

It's obvious that enormous regions are being poluted with clandestine actions, but all of this has to be made public. The government must provide explanations to the unsuspecting population.

Yet the story continues: in the following three weeks the instruments register other activities of suspicious aircrafts, similar to the previously mentioned, above other areas of Germany. Meanwhile the sattelite imagery is clearly counterfited by the military.

From our observations we can conclude that they fly over the regions of Westfalia, Bielefeld, the Ruhr zone to Saxony and Hamburg, forming a really dense layer of artificial cloud-cover.


After the first discovery Karsten Brandt has filed a legal charge against unknowns for weather manipulation, based on his careful verifications and data gathered by radar through which he documented every anomalous cloud formation. Thanks to CowboyBebop2012 for english translation.


There are some important questions they must answer about chemtrails at that point:WHO L had the power to decide to do this, that affects the entire planet? Who's signature is on the paper? It is important to note that not even the UN has such power over sovereign nations, not by a long-shot.HOW IS IT FUNDED? Who is paying all these billions to do it? Again, who signed off on the funding? To what level were nation's legislatures (Congress / Parliament) informed about it all. The elected people who supposedly hold the purse strings by law in most countries? HOW DO THEY KNOW if it is "safe" or not, who signed off on it being "safe" for humans and wildlife? We want the names of the medical professionals, we want to see the Studies backing them. For instance: Was it tested on honey bees?


Was a study done on the long-term effects on Human Beings? What specifically are airplane pilots and airline personnel told about them and how are they being threatened to remain silent regarding them? Folks, there is simply no way Chemtrails could exist, unless a huge and well orchestrated security organization actively stops these people, as well as people in national governments, from talking about them. WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THIS HUGE SECURITY APPARATUS?The imperative of having to answer these questions, is why it will likely remain a absurd "secret" for a long time yet, despite the simple act of looking up into the sky and seeing them day in and day out. Chemtrails also have a very "dangerous" effect on our society beyond the physical. They are constant reminders that we are living a life of deception in our culture.That something so elemental, is being done without the public's consent.That by inference, the facade of what the status quo claims is "Reality" is a lie.This is highly corrosive to the old "trust the government, they know what's best" attitude.


Getting this information to the public is not easy. 


Byron bay Australian chemical trail fight


In Australia a Byron Bay group that was trying to get this information out to the public, decided to give up back in 2004. One of the funders was a real estate agent Jim Mangelson who stated people thought he was nuts and it was affecting his business. Professor Gary Opit and Shlomo Arnon were running a strong campaign but gave up. Gary was broadcasting on 2NR he was probably not allowed to mention it and Shlomo said that the forces against him were too powerful so he went back to Israel. Nothing has happened since.

Photos of what is beleived to be Chemical trails witnessed by the trustee's of Panacea-BOCAF. These trails remianed hours after being spotted, where a condensaton trail dissapears in a matter of minutes.


Taken 2007 


Taken 2008- Notice how "thick" the trail is.


It has also been reported by John Carter a director and trustee for Panacea that Chemtrails and chemclouds are everywhere over the Northern Rivers area. Here's a couple you rarely see. It's called HAARP cloud.


Taken 2007 


This happenes when the chemcloud reaches the level of the HAARP grid, which is world-wide. The ripples in the cloud are caused by the energy lines in the HAARP grid.


There is also concern that a subliminal messaging is being carried out, however strange this may sound the following data has and continues to be collected.


Subliminal messaging?


Youtube clips - chemtrails in adverts


The Don Croft "Chembuster" or "CloudBuster"


Over the years a temporary proposed method to deal with spray activity surfaced. This is a device invented by Don Croft coined as the Don Croft "cloudbuster" This not to be confused with Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work who coined the term "orgone" in the 1930's and pioneered applications from the discovery of this energy for increased healing and weather modification using the original labeled "cloudbuster".


The Don Croft "Cloudbuster" -Source


This device was designed to help "neutralize" the trails, the sheer amount of trails and effectiveness of the device alone out weighs any practicality. Whilst Don means well and no harm, the science and long term effects of this device needs careful study and a temporary solution must not be sought. Mobilization of community action to directly utilize our available resources must not be substituted for any thing less. All our energy is needed to organize the termination of them at the very core not treat the symptoms.


Do not waste your time with skeptics- Compared to the grass roots movement they have only done a half baked attempt at investigating.


Over the years the citizen's aerosol/chemtrail research has provided some important leads but raises even more questions as to who is behind it and why the spraying occurs. It is clear by data collected that jets are deliberately spraying the sky's and it will not stop until enough people are aware and willing to stand up for the operations exposure and collectively help work towards termination.The establishment is aware of the citizens findings regarding spray activity, this can be proven by referencing the data collected on the Carnicom web site. This web site's records show what sort of audience keeps tabs on his evidence.There is no excuse for any of these government bodies to claim they are not aware of the tax payers concerns and findings, we have records of their visits to the web site.


Of all the debunking attempts which have been done by those that don't understand contrail verse chem-trail science, none of them mention the evidences or challenge the facts collected by Carnicom , Ray spelling or many other news reports. Ask your self why do they not present these findings? Like the discovery channel's take on Chemtrails they have either intentionally or not known and or shown the public all the facts. Irrefutable facts such as Carnicoms or the water samples collected by the grass roots movements.


Discovery channel's "half baked" attempt at a Chemtrail documentary


Therefore none of these naysayers are qualified to present all the facts concerning the issue and or the associated health problems. Any "naysayer" leaving these out cannot be taken seriously until ALL these facts are challenged. These naysayers are talking heads and not qualified to voice the issue. Ask them to go and get an air and water sample after spraying signed by a justice of the peace, tell them to go do scientific work like the grass root moment have. They are happy to sit down and not present all the facts, so do not waste time trying to educate people who cannot relate all facts EMPIRICALY.


They waste valuable time. Ask them to prove by there is no contamination by a water and air sample when a spray occurs, you will soon see them avoid the answer. They are time wasting to real activism work and should be avoided. Do not waste time asking them why planes fly in circles , u turns and unusual flight patterns happen, water samples are contaminated, patents are enough evidence to show a motive and method for spraying which all relate to a critical needed investigation into this phenomena. Or do not waste time asking them why are those key facts are left out in theirs and every other governments response.


Health tips courtesy of


Global Rain water collection and testing program.




We the people have not been warned, advised or consulted but are certainly vulnerable to the outcomes.Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria.Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fallout. The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including sedatives in this fallout.Dr.R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers.Dr Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Rahim Karjoom have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers.Additionally, Drs. Staninger and Karjoom have reported findings of self-replicating nano-machines and rivers of silicon running wild through the bodies of the Morgellons infected. Researcher Clifford Carnicom has reported finding chemtrails fibers that are an exact match with the bizarre fibers found in those suffering from Morgellons Disease.Welcome to the brave new world of toxic skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP.


Besides signing the petition here or below which counts for a whole host of other important issues, you can help by a criticaly needed participation in a global water sampling/testing program. This is needed to collect as much evidence as possible and create public pressure- If your able to participate or know any one who can help Please contact Panacea


Public meetings and flyers.




Look Up! Wake Up! Speak Out!- chemtrails911 - flyers To get any real time answers a community response is needed. A video example of community chemtrail activism work- Eine Aktion gegen Chemtrails


Volunteers are needed to hand out flyers AND TO KEEP HANDING THEM OUT.It is recommended that you help form local community group meetings to begin discussing and planing public pressure. Here is an example of one such group - Clean air and water Chemtrail meeting group. Global Sky Watch - Another example of a community organization to fight Chemtrails.


A flyer template must have information that the public can easily respond too, for example petition , or e-mail letter template to down load and send to their local council to make life easier.


History shows is dangerous consumer products will not be either removed from shelves or re-engineered unless complaints are filed (Ask Erin Brockovich).And do not think for a SECOND that a simple name e-mail and country does not make a difference or is not essential ground work needed for this.


For example The Natural Solutions Foundation initiated powerful public response/grass roots campaigns when health freedom threats arise in the US including health-hostile legislation, attacks on natural doctors' licenses, dangerous and restrictive FDA guidance documents and policies which threaten natural health options and the wellness industry. Each of these public response grass roots campaigns has generated anywhere from 100,000 to nearly 600,000 e-mail and fax actions within days to weeks to make critically needed changes


PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE AND JOIN THE GROWING GLOBAL PUBLIC ACTION TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES. Contributors are need to help keep this page up to date and to improve the content. If you can help contribute data to this page please contact Panacea we need your help.


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