"The only way we will ever have free energy is if we give it away."- Dr Peter Lindemann.


United States Patent and Trade mark office


The patent process of a FREE energy device involves different conditions in comparison to patenting other inventions. The inventor must be aware of these specifically - As these conditions can prevent the invention from reaching the public.


The information on this page describes the elements which concern the patenting of FREE energy technology. Panacea is also providing this information to help inventors learn about the advantages of patenting a FREE energy device verses releasing it through a general purpose license, creative commons and open source.The aim here is to assist the inventor to get their technology known and out to the public.


The inventor must understand ALL the realities of the situation where FREE energy patents are concerned. First one must be aware of the reports from past FREE energy inventors especially a particular patent office employee describing an ever growing hold over FREE energy technology via the corporate patenting process.Then you must understand that there are ways around this.


Taken from the documentary "A machine to die for". This shot was covering the

patent suppression case of the Joseph Newman free energy device.

Tom Valone is a former patent examiner who was fired years ago from the patent office and recently won a lawsuit against the US Patent Office. Tom was awarded reinstatement and six years of back pay. Dr Thomas Valone estimated that patent applications for FREE ENERGY related technology have been "secretized" over 3,000 times over the years.



In a 2001 email to Gary Vesperman, Valone wrote in part: Quote-"As a former Patent Examiner, I can tell you that the number of "securitized" patents in the vault at the Patent Office (Park 5 Bldg.) is closer to 4000 or more. They never receive a patent number, and the inventor is rarely, if ever, compensated by the government for use of the invention." The U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee that screens patents for national security implications. A hidden purpose of this committee is to also screen energy-related patents which could threaten the power and fossil fuel companies, -End Quote


The US Patent Office reports that these patents are "protected" for "National Security reasons". Reference: SECRECY ORDER-(Title 35, United States Code (1952), sections 181-188) Reference: The US military reviews all patents before a examiner sees them. The Government could take a patent away from you and classify it as secret.


United States Patent Law: Title 35, Part II, Chapter 17, Sections 181-188 page 44 of 88


Invention Secrecy is still Going Strong


Special Thanks to Craig for this.


The following document lists what technologies are to be Secretized by the panel at the Pentagon that looks at every Patent Application this was de-classified via the "Freedom of Information Act".


There were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office told Secrecy News last week. It’s a 1% rise over the year before, and the highest total in more than a decade. Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders restricting their publication if government agencies believe that disclosure would be “detrimental to the national security.”


The current list of technology areas that is used to screen patent applications for possible restriction under the Invention Secrecy Act is not publicly available and has been denied under the Freedom of Information Act.  (An appeal is pending.)  But a previous list dated 1971 and obtained by researcher Michael Ravnitzky is available here (pdf). Most of the listed technology areas are closely related to military applications.  But some of them range more widely.


Thus, the 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient.  Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies “in excess of 70-80%.”One may fairly ask if disclosure of such technologies could really have been “detrimental to the national security,” or whether the opposite would be closer to the truth.  One may further ask what comparable advances in technology may be subject to restriction and non-disclosure today.  But no answers are forthcoming, and the invention secrecy system persists with no discernible external review.-Source


Note that in there listed is: "Fuel Conservation Technology" and "Alternative Fuels" as being subject to Suppression also "Pollution Reduction Technology" and "Apparatus for Increasing Efficiency" and "Hydrogen Enrichment Technologies". Photo-voltaic panels "in excess of 20% efficient"!! It is interesting that this is the limit of what is AVAILABLE FOR SALE TODAY.


A coincidence?. This is a smoking gun that shows that the corruption in the Pentagon to keep us using primitive and polluting sources of energy to perpetuate their monopolies, is still going strong. these people who Review Patent Applications, HAVE NO CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT AT ALL.


They are a law unto themselves.Of course most things listed there are weapons or tech that could be used for weapons.But are we really worried if "terrorists" can get "60 miles to a gallon of gas" Or if they have solar panels by their caves that are 30% efficient instead of 19% .This document is very damning. It shows that this is not about "weaponization" it is about perpetuating illegal Trusts and monopolies; and is inherently CORRUPT. When we consider these corporations have Public Stocks and actively manipulate the Energy Commodities Markets, it is clear that this is illegal stock manipulation and price fixing on a huge scale.


This is only one example to show a Petition/Class action/Mandate is needed to be sent to our political leaders to get these illegal suppressors STOPPED. This link is provided on this page. The old Patent Applications need to be RE-EVALUATED and those not remotely "weaponizable" RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC.A new Panel of independent scientists and TRUSTEE'S are needed to do this work. The illegal suppression of SAFE energy technologies is helping DESTROY this planet will go on indefinitely otherwise.These people have NO INTENTION of ever giving up their un-precedented power over us all willingly. Here is another modern reminder shown in the Wang Shum Ho generator.



Quote - Mr. Wang sent me the following photos. Mr. Lee Cheung Kin and I helped to promote him in 2006 at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He got funding from the Chinese Government and State Electricity Companies. He asked us not to promote him any more as all information became classified.He recently sent me the photos and stated that those interested should contact him directly. His email address is: wshsdfm200808@126.com I believe that the principle behind his device has not changed. The special feature of his device is that no starting battery is required. A slight twist from the hand is used to start the device. The device uses coupling of ferro-liquid and permanent magnets -Source




There is also "academic " elements which can interfere with the inventor attempting to patent a FREE energy device. Inventors cannot get a US patent based on "Cold fusion" or "free energy" Quote -Arie held several patents. The ones on alternative energy were mostly held at WIPO and filed in the Netherlands because the US patent office are biased that he did not waste time or money on them if the invention was at all close to cold fusion or free energy.-End quote.


Joseph Newman's case is another example of a FREE energy inventor getting refused a patent on his FREE energy device (due to his new discovery not yet being known in academia).There are countless more reports of this going on in the patent office.


Frank Boring Fitzgerald made contact with Pancea and reports: My sonofusion US patent application was rejected and I duly filed via
postal service a reply1 and reply2, timely. Canada has also rejected my PA. But China, Ukraine, and Costa Rica are still working on the same PA.
However, the USPTO personnel sent me a letter of abandonment saying they never received my reply1 and they treated reply2 as a petition which was denied.


I am going to let stand their abandonment because it is a ruse to keep me from properly addressing their rejection. It appears to me, USPTO has a number of internal problems which need to be addressed and corrected else the US Congress must pass legislation to abolish the USPTO and start from scratch.I propose a new PO to branch into divisions depending upon subject matter -End.


These are modern examples. The academic problem in the patent office or misunderstanding of the FREE energy principle / new discovery has been going on for a while.


Thomas Henry Moray's Raidant energy device -

One of many demonstrations -Source


During the 1920's, Thomas Henry Moray was one of the most talented electronic circuit designers in the emerging field of radio. After hundreds of experiments designed to improve radio reception, Moray discovered a source of energy transmission apparently available everywhere. Using advanced ideas in solid state detectors, he developed a power source that produced 50,000 watts of a cold form of electricity. By the early 1930's, dozens of people had witnessed demonstrations of this astonishing technology-Source



Even more of a concern - In Moray's book "The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats - Cosray Research Institute, Salt Lake City, UT (4th addition) On Page 190 "[p. 190] In fact, we have recently been informed that none of the original patent applications that Henry made are any longer available at the US Patent Office. Although their file jackets are there, the contents and applications themselves are gone...".-Source


Take the time to think, if only for a minute, what either Tesla's FREE wireless electricity or Moray's device would have meant for mankind. How much better the ecology would be now and how further we could have gone if this decentralized FREE energy power was available.Even since the time of Plato new discoveries have encountered interference and need a specific research facility that is independent, non aligned and evidence based for real time momentum.Howard Johnson talks about his new energy invention going through the patent office.After a big fight in the patent office and going through the court of appeal we finally go accepted.



Despite Howard Johnson's working prototypes he could never get them into applications., could this be due to the establishments not understanding what his new discoveries where or didn't agree with them?.


DePalma N-machine - Case - Trombly had his N-machine confiscated by the FBI under the Inventions Secrecy Act. The only thing they didn't take were some documents he stashed above the false ceiling of the lab. Trombly said over 200 patents on the N-machine have been classified under this Act. Under the Act the inventor isn't even allowed to say he has been served with an order and the govt is under no obligation to compensate the inventor.



However despite earlier incidents and modern examples, there has never been any security or any institute in place policing this or providing needed assistance for the inventors. Panacea is the only institute known in existance attempting to provide this education and help.


The evidence that FREE energy device patents have been with held or interfered with is there and this continues as the conditions remain. The question must now be posed. What security from this corruption is in place? NONE.


Given the report of the sheer amount of devices now hidden which can create FREE energy there is a clear reason for a policing PROCESS or intervention and reform for security against any spurious influence.Without regulation and public intervention into this free energy patent issue the corporations will continue their attempt to own life and subjugate the public

There are other elements present in the patent process which allow for technology to be with held. Other examples are important to illustrate the need for reforms into the patent office process. One example can be seen in the EV1 electric car case.Texaco sold the NiMH battery technology to Amoco. GM had a 60% controlling interest in the technology, and announced their sellout of world wide patent rights to Texaco on October 10, 2000. Six days later, Chevron bought out Texaco in a 100 billion dollar merger.



Cobasys is Chevron's subsidiary, which effectively killed further development of the NiMH batteries for all-electric cars. Panasonic had developed a "E-95" NiMH battery that was powerful enough to energize an all-electric car at speeds to 80 mph, and with a range of 120 miles. The expected battery life was longer than the life expectancy of the vehicle, and in fact more than 1,000 of Toyota's RAV4 EV units have already surpassed the 100,000 mile mark.


Cobasys successfully sued Panasonic for the sum of 30 million dollars, thus killing any further sales of EV-95 batteries. The batteries cannot be sold, or imported, into the US. Cobasys refuses to grant any other company the license to manufacture the EV-95 batteries, and will not even think of producing the EV-95 themselves, unless guaranteed a massive order by an OEM.


The only currently available alternative to a EV-95 NiMH battery is a lithium-ion battery pack, but these typically cost around $14,000, which is about 6 times as expensive as an EV-95, and haven't been around long enough to establish a proven track record.The EV technology is a story of two crimes against humanity. The first occurred when GM failed to develop the RV and sold the worldwide patent rights to an oil company, which GM obviously realized would have no interest in the technology other than to suppress it. The second crime against humanity is how Chevron very effectively stifled any efforts to utilize or advance the NiMH technology.


What we really need is a reform of patent laws to allow for criminal prosecution and penalties against any patent holder who participates in any activity that results in suppression of a technology which would otherwise hold great promise for the benefit of mankind. The reform laws should include all past, present, and future patents.


This is the only way to free up the thousands of existing patents on FREE energy that are currently being suppressed. Current patent laws left undone with out security can serve and protect the criminal actions and behavior of corporations and special interest groups who wish to advance their own agenda at the expense of all other peoples and groups.


These empirical accounts justify the need for safeguards to be put in place to prevent any possible corruption. With a public gesture of this nature, Panacea rationalizes that it will have the capacity to attract (based on the evidence in the energy suppression section) additional "whistle blowers" out there.


FREE energy patents are only the tip of the iceberg, Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher has exposed the absurd result that has arisen from the decision to extend the law of patents to living organisms. The person who discovers a gene is, in effect, conferred ownership of it via a patent! In short, 'Patenting life is owning life'.To the recent Will US Patent Office end gene patent enslavement of the human race?.


Another function of the proposed granted non profit Panacea research and development center is to have a registration process available to the inventor. Thee free energy technology can be registered through us from the patent office with a joint mutual agreement by the inventor. This agreement is a clause in which prevents the shelving and gives the technology a time span before public release and many other advantages.


Under Research articles and Links below The article "Action to Declassify Secret Energy Patents by Gary Vesperman "A Proposed Bill to Support New Energy Sourcese" There is a list of many empirical cases with reason for investigation and reform. The public can help by creating public pressure through the signing of the petition at the bottom of this page. For the inventors mean time the following must be made clear.


For inventors wishing to make sure their invention is secure in the public domain and therfore cannot be patented.


A public disclosure of the information must be careful planed, placing the information into the public domain must be precise and so obvious that, any patent route would be denied.


With out this PRECISE disclosure, disclosing information publicly may not stop the information from being patented. If a patent application is made and you have spent a lot of time and effort in watching all new patent applications worldwide in order to detect just such an occurance, and you want to oppose the application on the grounds that it is your idea and you have published the information in the Public Domain, then doing that is incredibly expensive. For example up to $500,000 being quoted as being necessary to oppose just one patent application.


Firt you have to appreciate what a patent does. It provides you the right, if you have almost unlimited funds and unlimited time to waste in court, to oppose a commercial competitor who is manufacturing your design. You are looking at a substancial bill for the action and you are by no means guaranteed to win the case as any small alteration can be claimed to make the competitor's build different to your patent design, in spite of your patent saying that all variations are covered by the patent. A court case of that type might take three years to reach a conclusion


The bottom line is that a patent is almost worthless unless you intend to start manufacturing the device yourself. In that instance, it gives you some protection in that if someone else claims that you are manufacturing in breach of his patent, you have a very strong case in that you hold a patent on the process which you are using. Malicious opponents can cause you a great deal of nuisance by a spurious claim that you are breaching their patent, even when it is clear that you are not, and a court might even direct you to stop manufacturing until the court case is heard (years later).


The bottom line is that a patent is almost worthless unless you intend to start manufacturing the device yourself. In that instance, it gives you some protection in that if someone else claims that you are manufacturing in breach of his patent, you have a very strong case in that you hold a patent on the process which you are using. Malicious opponents can