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Please consult this page the facts regarding the design.

Taken from Wikipedia-Veljko Milkovic has registered some 110 inventions with the former Federal institute for patents, now Federal Intellectual Property Office in Belgrade (Serbia). On the base of that, 36 patents have been issued.

Veljko Milkovic is presently in possession of 22 patents.

Applied inventions

His engineering and ecological projects inspired by Petrovaradin fortress are in practice: Self-heating ecological house, Mushroom garden and greenhouse with reflecting surfaces[10] (mushroom gardens for growing bukovace near Cenej and Petrovaradin, Serbia, were built), Project "Forests for food production"[11] (in use on several locations in the province of Vojvodina, Serbia), Autonomous battery charger, The line of universal tools and Hand water pump with a pendulum[12]. 

Ecological innovations

He invented a self-heating eco-house and a number of ecological innovations (autonomous battery charger, polythene greenhouses and greenhouses with reflecting surfaces, mushroom gardens, project "Forest for food production", eco objects (eco barns, curing shed for smaller and larger animals etc.),construction, business and housing objects based on soil protection and reflecting surfaces, facility for purification (distillation) and desalination of salt water and polluted water, innovations for fish ponds, etc.)[13],

 which also have been in use for a long time. According to his drawings, many such eco-houses have been built in Novi Sad, Sombor, Zajecar, Ljig (Serbia)... He has taken part in about 30 scientific gatherings[14] in the field of energetics and ecology as well as many projects concerning scientific research.

This upgrade will prevent our current wasteful and destructive architecture. These design concepts are critically needed to be implemented into the building code and MUST serve as an example to builders world wide towards sustainable development. Education and law is a must for these systems to succeed.

Panacea will pledge to support their education and  will apply grants to help implement their eduction into faculties. Panacea will also begin organization to mandate their contribution into the building code.  Please sign the petition here to support and address this directly.

Further Detail on Veljko Milkovic's device is profiled in the R & D principles section.