Buckminister Fuller is best credited with the original  discovery of the benefits of using the Dome for Eco sustainable design science. There are MANY advantages of using a Dome for Eco housing under the Fuller and others principles.


A Monolithic Dome Design- Source


This particular Monolithic Dome design offers:


Initial Lower Costs - .Energy Efficiency-Low Maintenance, Long Life, No Decay - A one-piece, concrete building can last for centuries without degradation, cracking or material creep. For Monolithic Dome homeowners, low maintenance is a big plus for senior citizens, the disabled, and busy families with a minimum of time or money for maintenance.


Fireproof -Highly Secure - Interior Hanging Strength - A Monolithic Dome's ceiling and walls can safely tolerate various hanging features, such as balconies, mezzanines, walkways, press boxes, galleries, score boards, audio and video housing, etc.


Near-Absolute Protection From Tornadoes and Hurricanes - Winds, 300 MPH and more, - Simple construction methods and locally available materials make dome construction in remote areas relatively easy and fast. Monolithic Domes have been built in all parts of the world, from the arid desert to the Arctic Circle.


Cold Weather Building, Low Temperature - Adverse weather that often delays traditional construction has less effect on dome construction, since so much of the work occurs inside the Airform.


Seismic Resistant - Its symmetrical shape and strength give the dome an ability to survive earthquakes.Termite Proof, Vermin Resistant - In different parts of the world, insect and vermin infestations can shorten a wooden building's life by a decade. But a concrete shell structure is impervious to this problem.


Lower Insurance Rates - Because a Monolithic Dome is nearly indestructible, it can be insured at lower rates. 


These are only a FEW advantages of using the 

The Monolithic Dome.Please visit the The Monolithic Dome web site for complete details.


This upgrade will prevent our current wasteful and destructive architecture. These design concepts are critically needed to be implemented into the building code and MUST serve as an example to builders world wide towards sustainable development. Education and law is a must for these systems to succeed.


Panacea will pledge to support their education and will apply grants to help implement their eduction into faculties. Panacea will also begin organization to mandate their contribution into the building code. Please sign the petition here to support and address this directly.


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