Dr. Ghazi Khan is the founder of eco sustainable village, and Wave Power Plant Inc. The founder Dr. Ghazi Khan. (A California resident and a US citizen, Doctorate in Environmental studies) has been involved in research for the last 20 years on Eco sustainable villages and related technologies.


His team of researches, engineers, and entrepreneurs have combined their skills and come up with a customisable eco sustainable village plan by analyzing all related research from different universities, current technologies, studies, personal visits in remote countries to understand their requirements, obstacles, climatic and geographical conditions, soil types, human behavior and current eco village projects around the world. 


....We screen, analyze and evaluate eco related technology models for authenticity, viability and customization based upon geographical territory for its expected outcome. This website is the one and only place over the net that is exclusively dedicated for governmental bodies, Local bodies, environmental groups, City /County governments, Provincial governments, States, NGO's Community based organizations & private developers with a vision....


One of the Eco sustainable village blue prints


The fascinating thing about eco sustainable villages projects is that 95% resources used are local, that creates thousands of new jobs, new skills, reduce crimes and build stronger communities that work with nature and create sustainability. Currently ESV Foundation is offering consulting services to public bodies and environmental groups.


Typically, the eco sustainable site offers consulting services to incubate eco sustainable village modules coupled with new technologies packed with new job creation system and sustainability package for quick economic growth in any part of the world. Dr. Ghazi's Expert R and D has the capacity to customize a suitable package for any geographically disadvantaged location and capable of rejuvenating & accelerating their economical growth with our eco sustainable village modules. 

Self multiplying, self sufficient robust and sustained villages designed to serve its residents with free food, free electricity, advanced harvesting technologies with an elevated life style at a very low budgetA point where technology and nature streamline for a natural sustainable co-existence. A place where eco residents enjoy pollution free environment of a countryside without sacrificing the modern luxuries of big cities.

This upgrade will prevent our current wasteful and destructive architecture. These design concepts are critically needed to be implemented into the building code and MUST serve as an example to builders world wide towards sustainable development. Education and law is a must for these systems to succeed.

Panacea will pledge to support their education and  will apply grants to help implement their eduction into faculties. Panacea will also begin organization to mandate their contribution into the building code. Please sign the petition here to support and address this directly.