Mario V Grzinic is a member of the ECOSUSTAINABLE PROJECTS GROUP . The Eco sustainable group are recognised as leading operators in their own field, supported by other highly experienced and well motivated professionals, truly offering the full range of capabilities necessary for the successful outcome of any size project.  

All photo's are taken from the web site.

Mario Grzinic is an avid supportor of Panace's goals.  Mario is already experienced in the planning and implementation of Eco housing development programs for the Australian Industry, and also in securing government support.

His major focus over the last decade has been on the 

development of environmentally sustainable projects done by the Eco sustainable Hub. Mario is available to work in conjunction with Panacea's renewable energy Technologies and Systems and further work towards Eco housing design education and implementation. Please check the Eco sustainable web site for their designs.

This upgrade will prevent our current wasteful and destructive architecture. These design concepts are critically needed to be implemented into the building code and MUST serve as an example to builders world wide towards sustainable development. Education and law is a must for these systems to succeed.

Panacea will pledge to support their education and  will apply grants to help implement their eduction into faculties. Panacea will also begin organization to mandate their contribution into the building code. Please sign the petition here to support and address this directly.