IQ is a measuring system used to create a relative scale between those who grasp things intrinsically and those who have the "mental inertia" to overcome them.This IQ is essentially nothing more than an ability to focus without letting any or all other knowledge clutter the issue at hand.


However, a computer for example is only as good as the information being fed into it. By comparison those with a "high IQ" have informaiton that engages them in corporation's which are not only involved in unsustainable industries,  but also allow them to use their "IQ" to satisfy their selfish interests above that of humanities overall.


The neglect of the third world and the impact of these corporate industries are proof of this. Those who are involved in the energy and pharmaceutical industries do not look at energy and medicines as basic human civil rights issues; but as a profit margin. This subjugation has no merit or place in the well being of humanity.Energy and health care IS a basic human CIVIL right not some thing which is to be suppressed, polluting or allowed to become a monopoly.


Due to the PRESENT political and economic conditions suppressing  the alternative FREE energy technology listed on this site, Panacea has created the following FREE on line publicly Online university. This is a part of Panacea's objective towards ensuring public security of this particular genre of education, and to help advance education.


The Panacea university motto is “The power of the community consolidating world-wide against subjugation though particular applied education".


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Despite having this on line resource the proposed granted PUBLIC Panacea research and development center is still needed to ensure complete social reform by providing a physical faculty in the public eye. PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU, PLEASE HELP TO DONATE AND HELP YOUR NOT FOR PROFIT ORG TO OBJECTIVLY PROTECT Y0UR CHILDRENS FUTURE!!


The following material is intended for research and to provide complete courses for virtually unknown practical do now energy saving devices. The Panacea university deals with the education, technical construction and a feasibility study of devices for personaly replication. Please contact us with your results and or support. If you have a site that deals with replications and or technical instructions of devices of this genre and further wish to be included here please contact us!.


Please Note- The technology presented on the Panacea web site is not yet recognized in the mainstream curricula's. Also this technology has political and economic conditions associated with it. The Panacea university despite its name is not a recognized "official" mainstream faculty or recognized university . The reason being, the material we engineer, preform R & D on, build and TEACH is not yet known by mainstream faculties.


It is our goal to get this technology taught at mainstream faculties, and continue to perform OPEN SOURCE non profit energy saving and sustainable development R & D as a public service. The reason the Panacea university is called an online university, is because we TEACH. If you are able to assist in getting this information formally recognized in the mainstream faculties please contact us.

Currently the on line university profiles alot of research material that has been reported to us as replicated by third parties. The orgnaization is in the process of validating these devices and publishing the results in the public domain


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Please subscribe to our news letter for the latest updates.Panacea has so far validated the most feasbible and practical "do now" devices which work, save energy, save money and can cut pollution.


 Currently Panacea finds the follwing devices the best practical do now applications and creditable introductory devices in the field of "free energy" devices.



Hydroxy boosters

Bedini technology

Roto Verter technology


All these technologies can advance education, save energy, money and stop pollution but are not mainstream. These are mandatory technologies which can be done now whilst we advance into other territory. 


Note-All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Panacea is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to educational study and to research. All copyrights are acknowledged, all material presented is either news reporting or for non-profit study and research, or has been previously publically disclosed, or has implicitly or explicitly been put into the public domain. Fair use applies.




This faculty courses contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.


We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Most information available on this site is freely available from producers who wish for their works to be made available to the public.


All information on this page is used only for non profit educational purposes. All reasonable attempts have been made that no credits are missed, but with a work of this size omissions may occur. If you see anything of yours that has not been properly credited or wish to have removed please contact Panacea.


NOTE WELL- When any person creates "literary" work the copyright and ownership of that work resides with that person. That means that the wording which was created, and any diagrams drawn are the exclusive property of that person. However, if, for example, one were to write a treatise on methods of grinding corn, that work would be my copyright. Suppose then, that you read this treatise, learned about the various advantages of different methods of grinding corn, and then decided to write a different work of your own, in your own words, drawing your own diagrams, then your work would be in no way an infringement of the copyright. 


If it were, then this treatise would block all subsequent works on the art of grinding corn, which would be a nonsense. The following reference material was written in the authors own words in a completely different style and by using diagrams of a different style drawn by the original authors. Any related or referenced works are still described using different components and connections than those shown in the original works. Consequently, the following referanced material in Panacea's on line university is, in the authors opinion, and not in any form, a contravention of the related original works or in breach of copyright.


Copyright is defined as: Copyright means that if I compose "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and publish it, the exact sentence is belongs to this copyright and if you print it as your own, then you are in breach of copyright. If you publish "the agile tan fox is very nimble and it is able to leap over any idle dog in the neighborhood" then it is NOT a breach of copyright as less than 85% of the original is repeated. If some one publishes anything original, then that particular sequence of words is technically referenced by this copyright.


Panacea wishes to state: To not allow this subject matter to be presented in this way (open source and non profit) is an attitude counter productive to the promotion of free-energy technology.At this critical stage in modern energy suppression the free energy movement cannot flourish with an interest only in making money and must allow ANY promotion of alternative energy.


Panacea-BOCAF is a not for profit entity! 




Click the above image to access Panacea's FREE online university. The Panacea university is the worlds first OPEN SOURCE unoffical university which deals with the open source construction of alternative and suppressed FREE energy technology. For engineers wishing to replicate these devices and who are in need of additional technical support, please consult the following forums.

Over unity forum 

Yahoo groups also currently contain engineers who work on this technology, one only needs to put in the relervent device in the yahoo group search to find them. For example if working on the EVGRAY technology please consult the following group:

EVGRAY yahoo energy group


 If working on the Roto-verter technology please consult the following group etc.

RV replication yahoo energy group

There are many other forums in existence which will be added to this section soon. Please consult our Link section for the current list. Mean time The over unity forum has 7000 registered open sourced engineers , all of which can work on the replication and development of this technology in the proposed granted research and development center. Other on line universities although not directly involved with Panacea can be located at the following web sites. Please check back here regularly for updates.

JLN Labs

Rex Research