"Today, everybody remembers Galileo. How many can name the bishops and professors who refused to look through his telescope?" - James Hogan, Mind Matters.


The following FREE energy devices and related research and development principles are intended to be submitted into the faculty division of Panacea's proposed granted non-profit research and development centre. This infrastructure is required for policing, support and to secure this education as public knowledge. These conditions help with real time progress with a feasibility study towards manufacture of prototypes for public free-energy technology.



The subject matter listed on the left and described in the articles, contains the cream of the crop, so to speak, of the alternative energy discoveries, some of which have met with skepticism and even resistance from established ways of thinking. Independent engineers have, in the past, merely scratched the surface of these methods, and it is our aim to complete the work. We would also like to point out that there are foundations, and institutions, that have preserved the historical research and discoveries of some of the people on the list. 


Please note that you may contact Panacea if you are an engineer, or a member of an institution involved in alternative energy research and development. This in case you wish to be included in the Panacea-BOCAF manifesto and also featured here.However, this does not mean that Panacea-BOCAF has direct connections to Steorn, Lutec, GEET or John Searl, Thomas Bearden or Joseph Newman. We have selected the most interesting and worthwhile ones for research, full comprehension and development - and are interested in the actual science and methodology, not any type of personality cults. 


Panacea-BOCAF stands for reliable, balanced research, and strives for the benefit of everyone on this planet. We hope that any inventor or engineer on this planet also has the same goal on his mind - and is not doing it for their own reasons. We stand for clarity of thought and purity of intent. Anyone truly interested in the welfare of the whole of humanity, should strive for the same.


Panacea-BOCAF also provides a free-of-charge, ever-growing and comprehensive open source Online University Resource that focuses on ALL of the subject matter.


Please consult the Online University section to your left, in order to find where to access the resource publicly.If you are involved in a related field, or understand the principles spoken about on this page - and in the Online University - we would welcome your assistance, whether it be by providing data or merely by brainstorming with the other members in charge of assisting the Online University - do so by contacting Panacea-BOCAF. 



The Panacea-BOCAF Online University is provided to the world by an experienced engineer, who is also one of the founding members of our non-profit organization. The database is being added to constantly, so do check back regularly for important updates. If you have any questions, or wish to voice your support - or better yet - if you have replication results you wish to make public, please contact us.


Another objective of the Panacea-BOCAF center is to generate public awareness and interest for this field. Also it would be beneficial to arrange presentations, the aim of which would be to bring the viewers up to speed on the most recent discoveries being disclosed by both engineers and scientists annually at various alternative energy conferences. Please refer to the design of the center page to enable you to visualize the forthcoming conference hall architecture. 


The present, publicly accepted faculties are already on their own chosen path. They have neither the time nor the interest in alternative energy technologies. They see no point in it, as it does not agree with their textbooks. We understand this - but do not accept it as the only possible opinion. This form of sticking to the books will not change unless the public and Panacea-BOCAF intervene.


One needs to only look at the scope of the neglected research presented at the annual TeslaTech and Weinfelden energy conferences to realize that there is merit to this alternative approach to science - and that there are extremely enthusiastic people who would be delighted to take their research and development further. 


The Panacea center will provide a non-discriminatory environment for researchers - allowing public access. This public, i.e. open condition allows each engineer to develop and perfect his work safely away from the suppression inflicted by a multitude of selfish interests.


There are extremely knowledgeable and talented individuals worldwide. Some keep a very low profile by choice. They try to shield themselves from political or economic interests, and would quite possibly be far more willing to enter, even anonymously, into a co-operative interfacing and exchange of knowledge with an educational institute - if it is guaranteed to be secure and safe in the public eye. No shady deals, no buy-outs, instead, frank and honest people who have the common good at mind and at heart. These R&D Labs provide a public face for technology development. The center will be supported by grants from the public - so that it is contracted to be opensource by nature.


Panacea-BOCAF needs to be completely open-source in order to be able to re-invent, design, manufacture and distribute functioning technologies for the general public - and to educate all researchers and other interested people into the full reality of these devices as being both working and easily replicable.


In addition to this, there are specific energy inventors who are working in the proprietary field, not in the open-source field - yet they do have critical knowledge in this field - knowledge which can be incorporated into the faculty role of the center. Thus, to create further security of the related field, the Panacea center offers the opportunity for the development of a faculty membership. This requires a listing of the area of expertise of each individual, further details on their willingness to contribute towards a course work-effort, and assistance in a "think tank" type development of these scientific practices.



This synergetic consolidation can benefit inventors further, by including the option of signing a Joint inventor/ownership, as well as one for copyright for an exclusive MNDA - Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Teaming Agreements - where two entities are working towards a common goal - CRADA - Co-operative Research & Development Agreement - between the Panacea-BOCAF entity and the individual scientist - for instance, the JOI&C - Joint Ownership / Inventorship & Copyright.


Licensing such as this allows Panacea-BOCAF to manufacture the functioning product by the facilities at the center, and thus help generate income back into the envrionmental projects of the non-profit organization. 

The facilities of the center will develop and offer, to those interest in working with Panacea-BOCAF, a working model of an educational course. There are many people worldwide who are working in this area. This is demonstrated by our presentation of the coverage at the various energy conferences, by people such as Kanarev, Rhodes, Puharich, Bearden, and others, whose specialist knowledge is currently being ignored by the mainstream. This knowledge could thrive within the framework of the Faculty Division of Panacea-BOCAF.


Each person can optionally be provided with the opportunity to sign a Joint agreement of each item of technology developed as well as one for THEIR OWN copyright. This would keep their name strictly on their life's work, and allow the development of licensing agreements, and other faculty aspects which can be presented and represented securely by the Panacea organisation. This is to allow financial growth for them over time for the efforts made, and allow increasing R&D efforts at various development sites globally.


Also, Panacea will serve as the best influence and example to encourage these licensed individuals to become non-proprietary and contribute towards opensourced energy technology and information. This contributes to the reformation of the cartels which currently suppress and oppose out-of-the-box research and technological development.


Note: Proprietary inventors of alternative and suppressed energy technologies, please read the "How they went wrong" document under the energy suppression page to find the reason why only the licenses under the Panacea-BOCAF center can provide the help needed for the secure manufacturing and release of the various technologies.  Both open source engineers and proprietary engineers can contact us 


All the data presented on this site will be incorporated into the various educational programs set up by Panacea - once the center is established. The facilities of the center will also allow the convening of clean energy conferences - which will bring together hundreds of students from across the region to learn about energy issues, the threats posed by global warming and how to become trained in organisational skills. The conferences talks will be delivered by experienced organisers, professional advocates of clean energy and also experts in state-by-state energy policies.



The educational theme of the conferences are to present opportunities for environmental security and prosperity - opportunities, that, when developed, end our reliance on fossil fuels and organise the practical application of smarter new energy solutions like wind and solar power, energy efficiency, "green" buildings, and the currently suppressed alternative FREE energy technology.


Public granted support is needed to enable this research and development to provide the public service of security needed to ensure the information is properly publicised.


Members of the public who read this suppressed research and development information for the first time, will find the subject matter vast, diverse, overwhelming, and hard to accept. To bridge this gap and in order to provide an easier introduction, members of Panacea have personally taken the time to replicate certain open-source alternative/suppressed energy devices, in order to help to introduce this very involving field.


This presentation can be found in the Zero-Point Energy R&D section. It includes a basic layman's introduction into the suppressed energy medium which we are dealing with. The simple 'summary' graph above has been describing established anomalous phenomena and alternative principles, in order to help you work your way around this subject. The topics and their investigators mentioned describe proof of principles which have been demonstrated by functioning prototypes and have also been replicated by other people. 


However, institutional sciences (through lack of investigation) and corporate opposition have prevented these devices from becoming well known and for further research-time and funding to be invested into them to perfect them.


A simple Google search will uncover the background of the individuals and their technologies. The internet is currently the only publicly accessible medium geared towards this technology. This will change when the center is granted. 




Please note that not that this is merely a small introduction, which is somewhat out-of-date, but acts as a way to start up a small mindmap in your mind into which you can start adding topics of your specific interest. Further precise details are referenced on Panacea's online university faculty courses. Panacea's intention in presenting the above graphs is to provide a basic summary of the subject matter, which is also described in further detail in the following articles.



The following is a complete list of current research and development principles which are to be granted by Panacea and perfected in the centre. All pictured quotes above are extracted from "The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems", written by D.A. Kelly - published in 1991.


For researchers not yet familiar with this type of energy technology, please consult the infinite energy page below for an Introduction.


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