The following information and presentation also fits reasonably well in the FREE energy suppression section. Panacea has included this report here as brief preview of such subject matter and to show rational for the proposed granted Panacea research and development centre.




1) Over 40 experts -- physicists, nuclear engineers, electrical engineers/technicians have tested Joseph Newman's energy machine (also known as the Newman Motor/Generator)and have signed Affidavits that it performs as indicated.


2) Dr. Roger Hastings (Principal Physicist with Unisys) has conducted hundreds of hours of testing on Joseph Newman's Motor/Generator and has signed Affidavits attesting to the operability of the Newman Motor-Generator. Robert J. Matherne,a physicist from Entergy Corp, (and who was instrumental in the development
of the nuclear power plant at Taft, Louisiana), has also attested to the significance of this new technology.


3) Joseph Newman has constructed many operational prototypes of his technology over the years, ranging in size from 4 pounds to 15,000 pounds.


4) The energy machine will totally decentralize our access to energy and will have a profound socio-economic impact upon our civilization.The energy generated by this machine is harmless, non-polluting,and will replace ALL present forms of energy generation. 


With the energy machine,every consumer could make a one-time purchase of a unit that could be installed in one's backyard and virtually unplug themselves from local utility companies.The energy machine could also be utilized to power all air, land, and sea vehicles and would eliminate the polluting effects caused by the internal combustion engine.


5) Joseph Newman has published a book entitled THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN in which he discloses all of his theories and the technical processes relating to the construction of his energy machine. It is important to Joseph Newman that this knowledge be preserved and disseminated.


6) Joseph Newman has been working on his concepts for over 30 years. He submitted his Technical Process to the U.S. Patent Office several years before he constructed the first operational prototype of his energy machine.


7) The energy machine is a physical embodiment of Joseph Newman's Technical Process.Joseph Newman hopes that someone with the requisite ability will use 
his mechanical innovations to formulate a mathematical extrapolation. 


Such an accomplishment would be similar
to the manner in which Michael Faraday's mechanical work led to mathematical theories developed by James Clerk Maxwell. [Although Michael Faraday was
"mathematically illiterate" (his own words), he was a mechanical genius.]


8) The theories of Joseph Newman also represent a precise, mechanical explanation of the phenomena of magnetism (not otherwise currently understood) and the principle of "action at a distance." When one understands the nature of the energy discovered by Joseph Newman, then one can understand how it would be possible to build a technical application capable of harnessing such mechanical motion (energy). 


As Maxwell explicitly stated:"The energy in electromagnetic phenomena is MECHANICAL ENERGY" and consists of "matter in motion." Joseph Newman describes the fundamental mechanical essence of a magnetic field as a massergy having a "gyroscopic spin." Such gyroscopic action is fundamental to understanding the mechanical nature of electromagnetism.


9) Technically-speaking, what Joseph Newman teaches is that one's goal in the construction of one of his operational Motor/Generators is "to have the LEAST amount of current input to create the GREATEST amount of atomic domain alignment within the material of the conductor, thereby causing the GREATEST magnetic field to be created."


10) The energy machine of Joseph Newman is far more efficient than conventional nuclear energy and does not release any harmful radiation or emission. This invention can be used to power the home, industry, or to produce electrical energy for flight at a small fraction of today's cost.As Joseph Newman states: "The finished prototype of what I teach will drastically change the world for the good of humanity, more so than any invention before this time."


11) Joseph Newman has developed a precise and fundamental mechanical explanation for both magnetic attraction and repulsion as well as Fleming's Rule. An understanding of this explanation is what originally led him over thirty years ago to began to truly understand the mechanical essence of electromagnetic fields and enabled him to create an innovative technology capable of harnessing the energy contained within these fields.


Update: 11/2/06-A Classic '71 MG is now running at high speed on low voltage using a Newman Energy Machine, and it demonstrates that a production model can retail for $10K or less.


THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN NEW, FREE VIDEO ONLINE! To view the new video visit:Google video file (3 min. 5 sec.) entitled "Practicality of Joseph Newman's Energy Machine"




Newman's case and information will clearly spells out the necessity of the submission of Newman’s technology and education into Panceas faculty center. Newman’s case is solid proof of 18 years of suppression.


Newman’s free energy device as shown on a TV program.


There is more that enough tangible proof of unanswered questions relating to the patent office regarding free energy technology, particularly in the case of Joseph Newman


The patent office needs regulation from spurious influence. Any one with a rational mind will be able to perceive this, the conditions today in the patent office need scrutiny, Newman's device is solid proof of this, there are more cases to validate this premise, but we will focus on Newman's for now.


Please sign the petition here to address this!

Fortunately for Newman unlike various other free energy inventors he wasn’t killed, they did however suppress him another way, Newman’s device has been validated and believed by experts but this public expert testimony has been refused.


The following is a transcript done by Panacea of a press release describing Newmans suppression of his device.




People at NASA could not refute his theories and agreed with what he was saying, and they were fully aware that his technology would allow NASA rockets to fly with out fuel, however after Newman’s meeting with them NASA was not interested in Newman's technology.


Further Newman called one of the premier instrumentation firms in the world; he requested that engineers be sent to his home to make sure the testing equipment he had purchased from that company was working properly.Two engineers then tested the equipment and Newman device, both were electrical engineers with 50 years experience between them, one had a master’s degree from MIT. 


After testing the Newman device for 5 hours, one of the engineers called the channel 4 news station who had been monitoring Newman’s developments, he stated that the machine is simply incredible, it does exactly as the inventor describes.


Newman (far right) and engineers inspecting and testing his device.

He then offered a letter and the test results plus he and his partner agreed to an interview, how ever the next day company representatives called the WWL news station to say there would be no letter no interviews and the companies name should not be used. Shortly after that the two engineers asked the news station not to use their names for fear of being fired. 


For 18 years poor naive Newman never understood a thing about his potential enemies of this technology, the price to pay from this reality began to unfold for him in 1967 when he sent his 130 page thesis to every major governmental department in the united states, the response was either non existent or negative for years. But in the late 1970's that appeared to change, in 1976 a senator, requested funding for the project, later an astronaut approved Newman’s theory and recommended it to NASA.

Shortly there after in 1979, DR Robert smith PHD NASA's chief of space and environments wrote, 'because of your theory several laws of physics may have to be re examined'. Additionally one of the men involved in the atomic bomb project wrote, your project will lead to developments that would be beneficial to all mankind, how very creative of him to say.


Newman hasn’t yet learnt his lesson from the nature of this technology, that is if you do not offer it for public knowledge, it will never succeed in the corporate world, the actuality is the corporate hegemony against public access of this technology will remain consistent for reasons which should be obvious to the inventor. 


Corporations are now spuriously influencing and containing the public, which we can reform by the drop of a hat with alt energy, Hemp production and other things which are clearly set out on the panacea site.


Still to this day Newman refuses to let private industry have the machine until a patent is issued, how ever obtaining a patent since the 80's has proved to be impossible, a very convenient citation to keep the technology from the public. Becoming open sourced in panaceas non profit research and development centre is the only mature way to develop this technology.

Newman’s records showed from as far back as December 1981 he called the patent office and was told they don’t want to talk to him, Newman then protested to his congressman, as a result a meeting between the patent officers and the inventor was arranged in Washington. On Jan 6 1982, Newman received a letter that stated his patent has been totally denied and that a hidden energy device was suspected and that a scheduled meeting on January 27 is to be held. Never the less at which time the examiner told Mr. Newman , I don’t think ill ever be able to give you a patent, no matter what evidence you present to me!

The reason given by the patent examiners was that what Newman claimed was impossible, despite the evidence from testing on march 13 after more protest from the inventor another meeting was convened. This time he was told there was no hidden energy device responsible and that they actually believed the machine worked but now they feel his technical description is inadequate.

Newman asked the patent examiner 'so you agree that the energy out is greater than the energy in' the examiner replied ...' Mr. Newsman you said that it does we looked at the facts and we believe you' no patent was given. Mr. Newman then protested to the patent offices board of appeal as a result a meeting was then set for September 1982 , incredibly at that meeting Joe Newman was told that the technical description of his device is now adequate but. They said we now think that the device is now not operable.


These people are amateurs (the shadow government) as you can see, in his own words Newman states at the meeting they gave him 2 minutes to explain his 18 years of research. I have to laugh personally how amateurish these people are. 36 people with legal back rounds have signed documents to the validity of the device, the most important endorsement came from William Schuler the former head of the patent office, he was appointed by a federal judge to decide if Newman’s device did or did not work. 


Mr. Schuler who is also considered to be an expert in electrical engineering and did not take long to make his decision, he stated on record that the evidence before the court is over whelming that Newman has in fact built and tested a prototype of his invention in which the out put energy exceeds the external input energy, and that there is no longer contradictory evidence.


He then went on to say on record that therefore the patent offices claims that such a machine is impossible are clearly erroneous. He also stated that the patent office INTENSIONALLY did not consider the formalities of Mr. Newman’s application for patent. Newman and his lawyer took this to a court hearing in expectation of what they thought would grant the patent, the judge threw it back to the patent office for a 90 days study during which time he would decide if a trial was needed.


At the trial as shown on Newman's, "cut the price of oil" video.


A the trial a news person asked the representative of the patent office why he wouldn’t go along with the former head of the patent office who has credentials that the judge called out standing and why he wouldn’t go along with the granting a patent, the question was avoided by the representative and the interviewee was told to address it to someone else. -End


Recently Panacea spoke to a reprosentative of Joseph Newmans technology. The following letter was recently sent to a physicist who is studying the technology. This letter provides a brief introduction to the technology and its implications for providing an alternative energy source to conventional, polluting sources such as oil, coal, and nuclear.


Dear Coleman,

Thanks for your email and supportive comments.

I hope you have had an opportunity to peruse all the documents posted on Joseph Newman's website:

Joseph Newman has invested thousands of hours over the past 40 years in researching and understanding the nature of (electro)magnetic fields, among other observables. 


As his research proceeded, he 
developed a fundamental mechanical explanation (gyroscopic massergy interactions) for observable phenomena (light, heat & thermodynamics, 
gravitation, inertia, planetary motion) -- but his work began with a quest to understand the phenomena of magnetic attraction/repulsion and the phenomenon known as Fleming's Rule (the right-hand rule).

Conventional physics has no explicit, fundamental, mechanical explanation for such phenomena. However, Joseph Newman DOES have a very explicit explanation: his Theory of Magnetic Attraction & Repulsion. Note that I wrote "theory" --- not "hypothesis". As one knows, of course, a theory is a corroborated hypothesis. And JN's Theory of Magnetic Attraction & Repulsion has been corroborated.


Thus, based upon empirical evidence, a true scientist is obliged to accept the hypothesis upon which that theory is based -- IF there are no other competing hypothesis and/or if that hypothesis has fewer unproven assertions than any competitors (Occam's Razor).


I first understood Joseph Newman's Theory of Magnetic Attraction & Repulsion in early 1984. Since I am not mechanically-inclined, it took me about three months to master that theory.


 But an understanding of that theory paves the way for comprehending how JN's Theory of the Gyroscopic Particle (aka "Gyroscopic Massergy) explains 
ALL mechanical phenomena in the universe. The energy machine is simply ONE electromagnetic embodiment of the principle underlying that larger theory developed by Joseph Newman. [Note: JN also designed a gas embodiment and a static embodiment that encompasses  that same principle.


Interestingly, Einstein's work is closely related to JN's theories. I hope you reviewed the documented posted on the website regarding a very important nomenclature originally used by Albert Einstein ---that has been all but forgotten. Such an understanding on Einstein's part (by using such nomenclature) underscores the TRUE relationship of ELectricity/ELectromagnetism and the fundamental gyroscopic massergy identified by Joseph Newman.


Joseph Newman has taught that an ELectromagnetic field consists of "matter-in-motion". And that "matter-in-motion" is identified as a gyroscopic particle (term employed by J. Newman), also called "gyroscopic massergy".


In addition to Einstein's realization of the fundamental nature of an ELectromagnetic field (originally EL = mc^2) and Joseph Newman's explicit mechanical understanding of that field (consisting of gyroscopic massergies), both Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell recognized that such electromagnetic fields consists of REAL, PHYSICAL,MATTER-IN-MOTION.


Michael Faraday wrote:


"I cannot conceive curved lines of force without the conditions of a physical existence in that intermediate space."and "How few understand the physical lines of force! They will not see them, yet all the researches on the subject tend to confirm the views I put forth many years since. Thompson of Glasgow seems almost the only one who acknowledges them. He is perhaps the nearest to understanding what I meant. I am content to wait convinced as I am of the truth of my views."


James Clerk Maxwell wrote:


"In speaking of the Energy of the field, however, I wish to be understood literally. All energy is the same as mechanical energy, whether it exists in the form of motion or in that of elasticity, or in any other form. The energy in electromagnetic phenomena is mechanical energy."That is an unequivocal statement by James Clerk Maxwell. And so that no one might later misinterpret his remarks, he added, with emphasis: "I WISH TO BE UNDERSTOOD LITERALLY."

Maxwell also wrote:"The Theory I propose may ... be called a Theory of the Electromagnetic Field because it has to do with the space in the neighborhood of the electric or magnetic bodies, and it may be called a dynamical theory, because it assumes that in that space there is MATTER -IN-MOTION, by which the observed electromagnetic phenomena are produced."It was such an understanding by Faraday and Maxwell of the true, physical nature of electromagnetic fields that influenced Einstein to originally describe his fundamental theory as EL = mc^2 (see below).

COMMENTARY REGARDING EINSTEIN'S EQUATION OF E = mc^2:Most physicists are unaware that Einstein's famous equation was originally written by Einstein as EL = mc^2.


Since all things happen for a reason, it is interesting to speculate on why Einstein originally used that nomenclature.With respect to the importance and implication of that ORIGINAL description of Einstein's famous equation, I am suggesting that the use of such nomenclature demonstrated Einstein intellectual linkage to the work of James Clerk Maxwell and Michael Faraday --- both of whom preceded Einstein and for whom Einstein had great respect.

When one begins to understand the work of Joseph Newman, one realizes that something very important regarding the fundamental nature of ELectricity and ELectromagnetism has been overlooked in the past 100 years.


The article which described the nature of the original EL equation was published in 1996 in The New York Times under the by-line of Robin Pogrebin and it was entitled, "Einstein Paper Shows Science Can Be Artwork" --- subhead: "It's expected to fetch $6 million."The Einstein manuscript was scheduled to be auctioned by Sotheby's in 1996.To quote from The NY Times article:


"The manuscript in which Albert Einstein elaborated on his special theory of relativity is both momentous as one of the central scientific tenets of the modern age, and captivating as a window into how the gears turned in one of the greatest minds in history.

""The 72-page untitled manuscript was written in 1912, seven years after the 'special' theory was first published. the manuscript's further insights were widely disseminated, but the paper itself was not published; and except for a fleeting moment when the document was put up for auction in 1987, it has never been available to scholars or the public.


"Today, at Sotheby's the manuscript is to be auctioned once more. It is expected to bring $6 million, more than what a classic example of Monet's Water Lilies sold for last fall."Its value lies as much in its form as in its substance. In addition to offering a detailed review of Einstein's ground-breaking thesis on the relationship between mass and energy, E (equals) mc (squared), the document is also thought to be one of the few remaining Einstein rough drafts, rich with extensive revisions in the scientist's graceful handwriting.


"And in perhaps the manuscript's most striking example of Einstein's scientific gymnastics, he takes the equation EL (equals) mc (squared) and crosses out the "L," thus rendering the historic special theory of relativity -- energy equals mass times the square of the speed of light -- right before the reader's eyes."END QUOTE


Further:Personally, I find the use of the term "free energy" (as used by some) to be misleading at best and scientifically & economically inappropriate at worst.However, I do believe it is quite possible to obtain from an electromagnetic system the following:

"Greater external energy output than external energy input." (EEO>EEI) That is not the same as simply saying "more out than in".The difference in that externally-produced energy output from that externally-inputted energy input comes from a source INSIDE that electromagnetic system.


Once atom alignment occurs in a permanent magnet, for instance, the matter-in-motion that comprises the magnetic field within each atom joins together at the instant of atom-alignment and subsequently extends beyond the boundaries of any given atom to create the magnetic field with which we are familiar: the physical lines of force.Those lines of force are comprised of real, physical, matter-in-motion whose physical interaction with the matter-in-motion of an adjacent permanent magnet's (for instance) magnetic field --- results in magnetic attraction or repulsion, depending upon how those matters-in-motion in those two respective magnetic fields physically 
interact with one another.


If one precisely understands the mechanical characteristics of that matter-in-motion, it is also possible to properly harness and extract a portion of that matter-in-motion when it physically interacts with the matter-in-motion comprising the electromagnetic field of a coil of copper wire to which voltage has been applied (inputted) to align the atoms of that coil.


The result is that mechanical, electrical, and/or RF energy can be extracted from that system that exceeds the input energy (high voltage/low current) originally inputted into that system.That is NOT so-called "free energy" in an economic sense because it costs money to obtain such permanent magnets and copper coils.That is NOT so-called "free energy" in a scientific sense because the energy DOES come from somewhere: it is transferred from one domain to another: from within the permanent magnet and/or copper coil to along the copper coil and then outputted as electrical energy. (It can also be outputted as mechanical energy --- as in the torque of a rotary employed in such a system.)


Bottom line for me: from the beginning (over 23 years ago) what impressed me most about Joseph Newman's work was that he was he first person in history to develop an explicit, mechanical explanation for magnetic attraction/repulsion and the phenomenon of Fleming's Rule.




The Following website is of a working table-top version of a Newman Energy Machine constructed by an independent French researcher:


JL labs


This web page has further technical instruction:


Rex research page of newman.

Please visit the following website for additional diagrams regarding Joseph Newman's fundamental theory regarding magnetism - plus a picture of Joseph Newman:




The above diagrams (several of many), as shown in Joseph Newman's fundamental book, only scratch the surface of Newman's work. I would recommend studying the above diagrams very carefully to understand the essence of Joseph Newman's theory and resultant technology.

For the latest information regarding THE NEWMAN ENERGY MACHINE visit:

Smaller video file URL (157MB) entitled "Cut Cost of Oil 





Larger video file URL (404MB) entitled "Cut Cost of Oil 3":




Joseph Nolfe, President & CEO NECorp.
(205) 835-9022

Note that despite The A & E (Arts & Entertainment) Network aired a national Special entitled "Conspiracies" which featured the revolutionary technology of Joseph Newman.


Plus Joseph Newman being featured on the CBS Evening News, The Tonight Show,ABC/CNN National News, LIFE Magazine, PBS's "All Things Considered," in thousands of newspapers/ magazines across the world, and on hundreds of radio talk show spresenting his revolutionary technology. 

With Additional Better than 30 physicists, nuclear engineers, electrical engineers, and electrical technicians having signed Affidavits attesting to the validity of Joseph Newman's revolutionary invention:

an electromagnetic Motor/Generator that could supply The worlds home, farm,business, automobile, and appliance with electrical power at a fraction of the present costand enable you to become energy independent.


To view the latest energy machine video, visit:



The video shows something which has never been done before: A 7,500-lb Newman energy machine with a 1,200-lb rotary and a 450-lb flywheel (spinning at hundreds of rpms) powering a 375-lb positive 
displacement pump with a 4-inch diameter intake/out-take & 10-foot head pumping 5,000 GALLONS PER DAY is running off only: 4 SOLAR PANELS that can produce a MAXIMUM OF JUST UNDER 120 WATTS (up to 400 
volts x .287 amps)!!!


Joseph Newman will demonstrate the above technology in Mobile, Alabama on Thursday, July 5, 2007.

Note:JOSEPH NEWMAN WILL AGAIN BE FEATURED ON THE SCIENCE CHANNEL:"BEYOND INVENTION --- New Energy"Energy machine inventor Joseph Newman will be featured on THE SCIENCE CHANNEL three (3) times Wednesday & Thursday, July 4th & 5th.Please consult your local listings for details.Also, here's the weblink address for the Science Channel broadcast times featuring Joseph Newman:





SPEED IS POWER. Phenomenal speeds of massive Newman energy machine at EXTREMELY LOW input power! 


Google video

This technology is proof that the strength of the motor's magnetic field is dependent upon the VOLTAGE, NOT the CURRENT! During the course of the video demonstration, the energy machine produces phenomenal speed and torque with only A FEW WATTS!!!


Conventional technology would say that such is not possible.Yet, the Newman Energy Machine can accomplish that and much much more. In fact, the technology can be used to provide abundant, non-polluting and inexpensive electromagnetic energy to power the world.


No more fossil-fuel-related pollution.
No more skyrocketing energy costs.
No more global warming caused by the use of hydrocarbon fuels.
No more nuclear reactor wastes.
No more coal-burning power plants.

This technology will provide abundant, inexpensive, non-polluting energy to power homes, factories, automobiles, ships, planes, appliances. In short, the entire world can utilize this revolutionary technology. Individuals who can help bring this technology into production should contact:


Joseph Nolfe
(205) 835-9022


TODAY NEWMAN is still unable to develop and manufacture this technology. In his recent 2007 video Joseph Newman stating that despite his current machine working to day and his old machine being exposed in the 1980's, the world has not taken any notice of his technology.


Newman stated that the power brokers in the 80's asked him to quote "sell it out", Newman refused and stated that this conspiracy is not against joseph newman it is against you people of the world.


Newman has since done his own personal R and D and upgraded his old system. Newman now states that he has not disclosed his current principle yet still thinks corporations would finace him, although they would not be able to put a meter on his device. Newman then asked for every one in America to send him one dollar to help finace the manufacture of the device and secure his patent rights.

By keeping his secret and attempting to get a patent on a free energy device, which already failed Newman in the 1980's is going down the same path as 'how they went wrong'


Recent Newman videos













2012 (part 2)





information about the energy machine technology

including TV interviews/reports with experts who have endorsed the technology:


Newman’s contributions need the proposed granted Panacea research and development centers environment to flourish and will be grant backed and submitted into faculty study. If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the centre, and or Newman please contact Panacea.


Next is Xogen's unique water treatment technology.