United Nuclear like other hydrogen power technology featured on the hydroxy gas page have been prevented from providing the public with clean renwable hydrogen techology. The first company which could do this was endorsed by Nicholson. Anticipating the Green Wave by almost 30 years, Jack gets rid of gas. (1978).



However where are they today? The following information has been archived from two web sites, Peswiki and the Roguestatesmen blogspot


Peswiki article


Not unexpectedly, the corrupt U.S. Government has swooped in by utilizing its Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as a means of suppressing the pending commercial sale of United Nuclear’s Hydrogen Fuel System Kit by confiscating the necessary chemicals used in this system from public use – possibly basing its action on false premises.


Currently, the CPSC is focusing on common chemical oxidizers such as perchlorate compounds, nitrate compounds, permanganate compounds, chlorate compounds, etc., along with a wide variety of other common chemicals and metals such as sulfur, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, zinc, magnailim, benzoate compounds, salicylate compounds, antimony and antimony compounds, etc.


The CPSC now claims that this action is to stop the manufacture by United Nuclear of illegal explosive fireworks. If their true intention is to attempt to curtail the construction of these devices, there are only two chemicals which should be of concern: potassium perchlorate and German aluminum.


For those unfamiliar with exploding fireworks, they are all made from one material: flash powder. Flash powder is a mixture of potassium perchlorate, and a special ultra-fine aluminum powder known as German aluminum. These have been the only 2 chemicals used in the manufacture of every single exploding firework from firecrackers to M-80s from the 1960s to present times.


United Nuclear’s Hydrogen Fuel System Kit is not yet available for sale. There are legal problems with several components of the unit which is preventing its sale. Until the legal proceedings are complete, the company won't be moving forward with the system. 


Roguestatesmen blogspot


 Who Wants Free Energy Anyway?

Written by Clark at 10:44 AM


I think Ralph Nader put it best when he said:

"The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun."


Pissed off about conspiracy theories? I sure am, but things like this remind me that the government isn’t my friend, and can’t be trusted.


A quote from http://www.unitednuclear.com:


"The United Nuclear Hydrogen Fuel System Kit converts your existing vehicle to run on Hydrogen. Complete kits will soon be available for various late-model cars & trucks as well as individual system components for those who choose to assemble their own kits.


Included in the kits (and also available separately) is our solar powered Hydrogen Generator that manufactures the Hydrogen fuel for your vehicle at virtually zero cost.


Simply put, you never have to buy Gasoline again.


Since there are no major changes made to your engine, you can still run your vehicle on Gasoline at any time."


We now have over 50,000 trouble-free miles on our prototype vehicles. We are currently fleet-testing our systems and are in final preparation for sales to the general public."


Sounds great, right? Nearly free energy for all, after a $7-10k payment. I’ve been following this research for years now, waiting for the release of such a great product (and waiting for United Nuclear to start selling shares of itself), but I should have known that it was too good to be true.


Another quote from http://www.unitednuclear.com:

"LATEST NEWS, April 27th:


Instead of moving forward with our research, 100% of our time and money is now being spent on fighting a legal battle with the U.S. Government.


Some time ago, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recruited the SWAT team and other Government agencies to raid our facility confiscating all papers, plans and computers.


They are attempting to block all sales and use of the chemicals used in our Hydrogen storage system. The materials in question are common Oxidizers and have never been illegal to own or purchase and are not even classified as hazardous materials.


They are also attempting to block all sales and ownership of oxidizer chemicals, and a wide variety of other substances that will actually make it illegal to own a chemistry set. Our scientific supply page has additional information on how the CPSC actions will relate to home experimenters & science hobbyists."


Fancy that. The government decides to raid unitednuclear but not other companies such as http://www.sigmaaldrich.com, http://www.pfaltzandbauer.com, or even smaller ones like http://www.al-chymist.com, all of which sell chemicals even more hazardous than those for sale at United Nuclear.

Consider this: the Al-Chymist is a tiny business run completely in the US that recently sold atropine sulfate (the psychoactive drug and deadly poison found in atropa belladonna, commonly known as deadly nightshade) was never raided, or even asked to discontinue sales of certain chemicals. They also continue to sell a host of other highly dangerous chemicals (though their stocks are currently low due to recent relocation) to the general public, but were never raided, and for good reason. The truth of the matter is that in the small quantities that these companies sell their chemicals, there really is little to no danger of terrorist activity.

Granted, we can see deadly consequences of lax restrictions on chemical sales: consider the Oklahoma City bombings. The ammonium nitrate used in the blast probably cost just a few hundred dollars, and was highly effective due to the massive amounts of it, but that’s why we no longer see 50lb sacks of oxidizers such as ammonium and potassium nitrate salts for sale at Home Depot.


Even if we were to call United Nuclear’s sales "dangerous" to national security, it is important to realize that the actions that the government took against them were severely unwarranted. The chemicals confiscated are not even on the DEA's list of Schedule I-V illegal chemicals. Why? Because common oxidizers and fuels are hardly dangerous even in multiple-pound quantities, whereas drug precursors in ounce quantities can have a significant "negative" effect according to the government. Also, in the past, at the request of the CPSC, United Nuclear has discontinued the sales of German dark aluminum dust, a highly pyrophoric fuel used in fireworks and other pyrotechnic mixtures. 


Had they requested the discontinuation of sales of certain products, or even asked that United Nuclear end its attempts to develop hydrogen fuel cells, they would have at least looked better, and United Nuclear probably would have done as requested, while also using the justice system. Instead, the government confiscated United Nuclear’s chemicals and countless important papers and files without warning as a means to drive the small company out of business. Had they actually been acting out of consumer interest, they wouldn't have gone to such extremes- when was the last time you saw the government send SWAT teams to a company when they had to recall a product? United Nuclear will spend all their money fighting the government and eventually will back down and either file for bankruptcy or be absorbed by a larger company.