Body Electronics is very powerful and uses, 

in part, the piezoelectric effect directly or by

reflex action to 'dissolve' 'crystals' in the body

which prevent healing, thus producing healing on

all levels of human experience.

It is a 'self-healing' process and is helpful as a 

complete progam for healing from many illnesses

and disabilities including cancers.

For example, it is a fairly common occurrence to

help people dissolve calcifications from their

spines, allowing proper function and nerve supply

to other areas of the body. It is hopeful to be able to help people with spinal cord injuries regenerate their bodies.

Body Electronics is not a physical science alone.

It is a 'cutting-edge' natural technology which 

involves biological transmutation through 

application of the piezoelectric effect within the 

body. Nutrient saturation of the body is also a 

part, as is the most important adherance to the 

natural Laws of Love, Light and Perfection which 

govern the human mind and all human condition.

The knowledge upon which Body Electronics is based

has been discovered mostly by the late Dr. John

Whitman Ray, who also referred to other researchers' 

work including Antoine Bechamp, Walter Russell, 

Rupert Sheldrake, Louis Kervran and Edward Howell 

(to name a few).

There are sure to be parallels between healing which

involves spiritual evolvement and alternative energy 


Body Mind Healing