In 1931 Dr. OTTO WARBURG received a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for discovering that IONIZED Alkaline water can be used to cure many diseases, from simple colds to cancer. Once the bodies Ph level droped to 7ph below, the bad bacteria and viruses started to multiply, if the bodies Ph was 7.5ph to above, the bacteria would be reduced or eliminated. 


It took more than five years to be verified and accepted ( by the Top Caliber Medical Scientist of the whole world ) this finding of Dr. OTTO's was finally awarded the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE in 1931 - Source.




Specially treated water produced by methods of magnetic interaction




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and  Ismeal water has been reported to produce a highly reactive anti-oxidant property. 


This is treated with an "electro resonance principle" to enhance the waters ability to store energy. This water can be applied to cure a whole manner of diseases.


Update -"Ismael has recently uploaded reports showing Stage 3 Cancer and Tumor patients testimonial videos Who Drank Ismael's water. Their cancerous lymph shrunk by 70% and many more video like immediate strength upon drinking.


The cost of shrinking 70% of a Lymp = $150 to $180 in 10 days. Chemo treatment is estimated to cost $12,000 to $18,000 for five chemo sessions with up to 4 months of house confinement.


The Tumor patients testimony states they spent between $110 and $160 for 7 days to get thier results. The Doctors surgery can give has no assurance to no re admissions. Ismael's water cost $1.70 per gallon per day".


Ismael reasons that most bacteria and viruses have a "+" polarity and a magnetic polarity.Where in the case of Ismael's water, it has a negative polarity and also one magnetic polarity. The process used in Ismael's water is to create an electric and magnetic "one polarity of the water minerals which will attack bacteria and viruses that are present in the body. Ismael's process induce's a very extreme powerful magnetic and electric one polarity resonance pulse into the water, which is very rich of minerals. 


When viruses and bacteria with a different polatiry come into contact with Ismaels's water, they will be attracted to it and carried away down through urine, persperation, bowel and or sometimes it will come out the the users mouth.  After that, most sick people drinking this water will start to feel relief and or  better. Plus most are cured in just a week of using this water. It doesnt matter what type diseases the user has. 




"I have seen water completely reverse conditions such as: Asthma. Angina. Hypertension. Migraine headaches. Arthritis pain. Back pain. Colitis pain and chronic constipation. Heartburn and hiatal hernia. Depression. Chronic fatigue syndrome. High cholesterol. Morning sickness. Overweight problems. Even heart problems needing bypass surgery.


Amazing Water - Interview with David Sereda


Filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda discussed some of the amazing properties of water-- it may actually have memory and consciousness, he said. Human beings are mostly made up of water and he suggested that restructured water could have healing properties on their bodies.Following up on the groundbreaking work of Masaru Emoto, Sereda exposed water to the sounds of the sun, and the water crystals changed to a beatific shape.


A subject drank restructured water and their blood cells showed a healthy response, and prayer/intention directed at water can beneficially alter its structure, he detailed. Such water must be drank right away as the restructuring may be temporary, he added.Could water itself be a kind of memory system, actually containing the Akashic Records?, Sereda pondered. He noted in addition to healing, structured water could potentially be useful in exploring nuclear fusion, reclaiming polluted areas, and developing "super sensors"-- instantaneous signals that can be sent out into the galaxy.


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