Rosella punch in a concentrated antioxidant formula, based on fresh rosella, berry concentrates as well as other antioxidant extracts.

At our Dr Red farm near Brisbane, we grow these antioxidant superstars - rosella, olive-leaf and turmeric. These are some of the most powerful antioxidants on this planet. We put them together in combination – it's the combination that gets the results.

The University of Queensland and Dr Red Nutraceuticals are close to completion human trials on blood pressure with a fruit juice concentrate - Rosella Punch. This hibiscus flower formula is loaded with grape, turmeric and olive antioxidants, grown at the Dr Red Vineyards at Mt. Nebo and Delaney Creek near Caboolture.

The University of Queensland animal studies produced outstanding results, demonstrating once again that the Dr Red team have qualified for human trials. Our products are evidence based. We test the Punch formulas (the bottles that you buy), not just quoting test data on individual ingredients.

Instead of creating a drug by isolating a single food molecule, The Dr Red approach is to test combinations of whole foods and then put the best candidates (for example Rosella Punch) on the shelf for sale. 

Public interest in natural solutions to health is at an all time high. If we can gain results with food, people may be more compliant to take their "daily dose".

All our formulas are designed to be diluted with the consumers mixer of choice, soda water or water is most common. Rosella Punch when diluted (1:6) with water or soda water is a sweet, fragrant and very refreshing drink that has a wonderful dry apple berry flavour.