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The physicist and inventor Wolfhart Willimczik has created a rotary piston machine without any bearings in the power train and with only rotating pistons. A stroke motion without mass forces is finally realized! Friction is eliminated or drastically minimized respectively that such machines are able to run a priori without any lubrication - even at high pressure. It is the ideal machine for many applications .

New pumps, compressors and water hydraulic motors are possible based on the Wolfhart Principle - a new rotary piston machine combined with new work-processes.

A Pump (2GPM at1000PSI) running in the work shop of the inventor.

Quote-Total oil-free operation for pumps, compressors, water hydraulic motors etc. Friction is dramatically minimized that this rotary piston machine is able to run without any lubrication - even at high pressure, high volume and high speed. Largest range in volume and pressure: The Wolfhart Principle has no limitations in the possible range of volume and pressure. The product "volume times pressure" is the highest. There are principles for high volume and others for high pressure; this principle can both at the same time. A typical application may a water pump for 1000 GPM at 1000 PSI, where no other principle is suitable.

Largest range of speed

Highest possible durability

High live expectancy


Disadvantages of this new principle:

It is unknown and not on the market-

End quote.

This technology has been available since as early as 1980. Wolfharts technology has however encountered suppression and therefore this principle is not widely disseminated into the mainstream industries. For more information on the suppression case please consult the Wolfhart Willimczik energy suppression page.

Other countries are using this technology in secret. However it is not present in mainstream industries.Panacea reasons that ONE reason for this due to the ability the technology has to create a superior AIR motor for vehicle use.

Wolfhart is underfunded like all the engineers in the registerd technology section. Despite Wolfhart having a working available device, his scientific find has no faculty recognition, and he is further unable to get mainstream media to present his findings.

Wolfhart contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in Panacea's proposed granted research and development centre. 

This systems can allow for clean energy. Wolfhart is unable to finace the units himself like the rest of the registered technolgies presented. Once grants are given to Panacea, the organization will pledge Grants and engineers support towards Wolfhart R & D.


If you're a member of the public or a scientific group who can aid in grants for the centre or help Wolfhart please contact Panacea.