The machine is totaly independent. It requires no external power. -Bob Mary


Mainstream faculties are currently un aware of certain gravity powered test results which can be reproduced to upgrade their faculty knowledge. In particular, the Veljko Milkovic test results. Bob Mary's system is another confirmation that gravity is a force that can be tapped to create usable clean free energy.


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Quote-This engine is a self sustaining gravity powered unit. It produces all the energy needed to run a generator large enough to provide power for all the hydro and heat needed for your home. This Patent Pending system can be as small as producing 10 foot pounds of torque or as much as over 300 foot pounds of torque. -End quote.


Video of the system working


Bob describes his patented system as the following :

It works the same as the unbalanced wheel. The trick is to get the weight back to recycle it. There are 3 procedures I have used to do this.The air cylinders I use as a shock absorber, similar to that in a car and it also stores a bit of energy that locks the 2 weights together almost at the bottom.


A set of springs are also at the end of the rotating wheel to absorb the impact of the weights.It trips a leaver that activates a pin that acts as a push rod to re tune the weights.When the weights are attached they only need to be returned 1/2 the distance then centrifical force takes over and then they start to accelerate to the other end. The closer to the half way point the 2 weights get the less energy in needs to move it.

Once the weights are past the balance point they accelerate and generate many times their weight that creates the energy needed. The faster rotation the larger the force. With out the springs and shock absorber it would destroy itself


The results of Bobs experiment show that this process can provide clean free energy. The proposed granted Panacea research and development center is a realistic way to operate at capacity and get this information out to people, so that the information will be wide spread and thereby can not be suppressed. 


Plus also provide an avenue to advance education on this and other systems that mainstream faculties remain and accepting and or unaware of. 


Despite Bob having a working available device, this scientific find has no faculty recognition, and based on what Bobs result state he would be further unable to get faculties to present and accept these findings.


Bob's contribution need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in the proposed Panaceas research and development center. 


If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or help Bob please contact Panacea. 


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