The following conferences have presented new discoveries in energy (power) transformation, health and various other effects which are currently not covered in the mainstream scientific cirricula. What is alarming is that this research feild has shown the merit for higher education on potential clean free energy principles and in other areas which could advance education and create a new standard in public health.


Educational Speaker: Thorsten Ludwig, Thorsten's

Tesla Tech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

lecture -Source.


The common mistake for most -Its not in the text books yet so it cant be possible right? Unfortunantly this is WRONG. These disclosures and research have proven otherwise and remain present for any one to evaluate. They remain neglected and with out any SECURE funded or supporting infrastructure.As a result these conferences continue to be presented in a limited capacity and have had to be privately funded.


With more recognition, YOUR support, grants and their own sponsored research center their education can progress in real time and these solutions can progress to where they need too, into PUBLIC AWARENESS.


The central theme of these conferences has been the transition to higher education and clean FREE energy technologies.To do this, the inventors and speakers have had to appeal to others for finacial and other help to address the continuing neglect and interference they face within the UNPOLICED scientific academia and corporate world (conflict of interest). The common goal is the need for policing any ignorance and conflict of interest in this feild. There remains no middle ground in the mean time to help their new discoveries or research in energy and others to advance education. A typical example of this CONTINUED neglect can be found in the educational content presented in the Conference On Future Energy, Weinfelden and Annual Tesla Technology conferences.


At the Weinfelden conference, the presentation of Prof. Ph. M. Kanarev is nothing short of unique. This presentation was simple to grasp for anybody with a little understanding of chemistry or quantum physics.


Professor Ph. M. Kanarev: Speaking

at the Weinfelden Conference on Water

as a New Source of Energy"


From the report -Russians had started search for new energy sources started some 40 years ago. Although millions of dollars had been spent no positive results had been achieved this far. Kanarev had found that in some cases ordinary water splitting electrolysis produces excess energy and developed the idea further along with a theoretical atomic model and a plasma electrolysis device for very high efficiency water splitting. Kanarev's plasma electrolysis uses no fusion and causes no radiation for producing the excess energy with typical efficiency of 150 1000%. Prof. Ph. M. Kanarev's list of scientific achievements is quite impressive and tells about an innovative researcher not afraid of publishing revolutionary results.


A recent proof of principle by Kanarev. -Self Running Motor generator.

Taken from the Panacea summary of commercial free

energy devices page.


There were many more discoveries of this caliber presented at the Weinfelden conference. All of them continue to go unrecognized in the mainstream scientific curricular. The Weinfelden conferences content alone could take up numerous pages. Many more disclosures covering "alternative" health and FREE energy production continue to be made at the Annual Tesla Tech conferences. Like Weinfelden the annual Tesla Tech conference have no policing infrastructure to ensure that their content go on and become recognize by the majority of the main stream scientific ethos.


Further significant contributions are made at the Renaissance CDA Workshop (Bedini) Conference.




A good deal of this content is in need of R and D to reach its full potential.Yet inventors cannot support themselves, they struggle and continue to work on no budget or supporting infrastructure with burden with the task of educating the public. More free energy conference have been profile from the PesWiki site.

There is a common theme present in all of the conferences, more education is needed but must be assisted by an independent policing research center to actualize the full potential and create the needed security.


The list shows the overwhelming list of diversity which is still to this day rejected, suppressed and unknown to the general public. This list is a needed emphasis the point out the number of foreign unknown energy principles which the universities and mainstream media have yet to cover.


The potential and capacity is present for the proposed granted Panacea research and development centre to acquire immediate success and upgrade public education via it’s faculty division. 


This is a large volume of research and development work and is a further example of a sufficient number of engineers experienced in working on suppressed/alternative energy systems which are ready to be consolidated into your publicly owned Centre.  These projects can be developed further to allow for a pure clean stand alone FREE energy systems. If you're a member of the public or a scientific group who can aid in grants for the center or help the free energy conferance n communites please contact Panacea.