Quote-The Searl Effect-The Searl Effect was discovered by John Roy Robert Searl in 1946. Put simply, it is a method of extracting clean and sustainable energy.By definition, it is an effect based on magnetic fields that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings (also called plates) producing electrical energy.




Incidental effects include negative ionisation of surrounding air resulting in a cooling of temperature, and anti-gravitational characteristics under specific conditions. Other expressions used to describe similar sources of energy include 'The Space Fabric', 'Quantum Energy field of Space' or 'Zero Point Energy'. This describes an unlimited and constant source of energy which can be made to flow when the correctly proportioned masses concerned are stimulated by the correct frequencies, therefore creating an 'open system'.


The idea of utilising this source of energy is the subject of various devices and experiments, most of which prove the existence of the energy but not a method to create a coherent and ordered flow to produce useful power. In contrast, Professor Searl has discovered that in order to create a steady and stable flow, all the masses of the device (and the stimulating frequencies) must conform to precise values determined mathematically by his Law of the Squares.A machine constructed to these principles produces a stable and useful power output.


The John Searlk device -A Working proof of concept - This Photo

is taken from the video.


Professor John Searl is the founder of Searl Effect technology and inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG). In a World suffering massive and constant environmental damage, from the destruction of our precious rainforests to an emerging energy crisis of catastrophic proportions, John Searl has found a solution, the John Searl Solution. Clean, sustainable and limitless energy. John welcomes you to his only official website, the Searl Solution, and is honoured to introduce his technology and deliver to you his vision.-End Quote


Searl and Newton Part 1

Searl and Newton Part 2


Professor John Seal has had an uphill battle since discovering this technology which conflicts with the mainstream scientific ethos. Through many years Searl has been unable to go beyond his personal pilot scaled development and aquire acceptance and investigation by the mainstream faculties


The History of this "interference began in England. In the 1960's Professor John Searl was building free-energy electricity generators that doubled as anti gravity machines, but was thrown in jail on the charge that he was stealing electricity from the grid. He was running his home on his energy generator, not from the grid.Along with being arrested, his plans and devices were all rounded up and sequestered.


Emerging from jail penniless, John has had a difficult time rallying the necessary funds and talent to reproduce what he had developed in the '60s. Back then, he was employed with a British utility board and had access to a laboratory with all the equipment and tools necessary. Sourcing the materials and tools without that resource has been very difficult. He has come close several times, but all previous attempts have ended in frustration.


The John Searl Story DVD Trailer


John Searl discusses his departure from mainstream physics to pursue the revelations of his childhood dreams -- The John Searl Story is a film documentary about the extraordinary life of John Searl, including his claim to building UFO-like levity discs and a free energy generator that could solve the global energy crisis - More Info.


Many engineers possess the capacity to ressurect this technology and advance education. It is Panacea's goal to assimilate John and these engineers into a resourced backed environment in the Panacea proposed granted research and development center to support, study and perfect SEARLS technology.


Despite John Searl having working available device and R and D potential, he has no faculty recognition or support. This research requires endorsement and sponsorship to continue.


John Searl's projects can be developed further to allow for a pure clean stand alone FREE energy systems. Panacea will pledge grants and engineers support towards this R&D once granted. If you're a member of the public or a scientific group who can aid in grants for the center or help John Searl please contact Panacea.