Bruce Eldridge De Palma is the son of noted orthopaedic surgeon Anthony DePalma and the elder brother of film director Brian De Palma. Bruce is a well known figure in the Free energy suppression community


Panacea has some brief detail of this energy suppression case profiled on the energy suppresion pageHis N-machine Homopolar generator is a device based on the Faraday disc and was reported to produce up to five times the energy required to run it.




After Bruce's death his research was discontinued. A close friend of Bruce, Paramahamsa Tewari had been under some instruction and was in partnership with Bruce to produce the N machines.


Paramahamsa Tewari made a breakthrough in a method of electrical power generation. He has been granted an Indian Patent (Application number 397/Bom/94) for an increased efficiency homopolar generator


This device is described by the theoretical papers in this web site as a Space Power Generator (SPG).Both Bruce's, and Tewarie's research and protypes have been discontined to this day!


Taken from Link showing the tested N machine prototype.


Quote from Tewari's web site:


The Space Power Generator is proven technology that produces 200-300 percent over-unity energy.

Experiments conducted during the last 10 years have indicated that his Space Power Generator (SPG) is operating at over-unity efficiency. Many researchers have performed experiments with these devices, also called homopolar generators or unipolar dynamos. The devices usually consist of a rotating magnetic disk called a Faraday homopolar generator in which electrical current is passed from the center of the disk to its edge.


Toby Grotz, of Wireless Engineering, visited India in December of 1997 to perform an independent set of measurements of the Tewari SPG. Using calibrated high-accuracy instruments, traceable to the National Bureau of Standards, tests were conducted that confirm Tewari's measurements.-End quote



For further detail please consult the web sites mentioned. Tewari has been shut down, exactly as Bruce was, this can only be due to cartel based influence.This has also been due to the mainstream facultiues lack of investigation into the process. 


The proposed granted Panacea research and development centre will nullify this from happening in future and will conduct all relative tests relating to this technology.


Panacea will pledge grants and engineers support towards this R&D once granted. If you're a member of the public or a scientific group who can aid in grants for the center or help the implosion communites please contact Panacea.


Bruce and Tewari have also done a number of technical papers which are relative to power engineering faculties and will be submitted, invesitaged and taught in the Panacea centre.


Further technical referance to both devices can be found here:





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