Quote-Over the last few decades Bill Muller has influenced countless people with his insights into magnetism, electricity, and quantum mechanics. Few inventors have contributed so much, or shared so openly their thoughts and ideas on such important and unique technologies. 


In an age where breakthroughs in semiconductors, computers and communication are commonplace, seemingly little attention has been placed on efforts to evolve and improve electric power usage and power generation. Bill Muller was persistent in forging improvements with the utilization of unique materials, electronics, and design that was particularly uncommon in the field of power. 


Muller Power will be establishing a presence for this ground-breaking work so that it may be recognized and brought forth to all those interested. As the days of Peak Oil (?) are within our midst, it is particularly relevant that a new generation of technologies be revealed so as to shift our paradigm toward a cleaner, sustainable future.-End Quote 


A successful Muller device replication -

Taken from the Muller power web site.


Carmen Muller is the beautiful daughter of the late Bill Muller and an active supporter of alternative energy technology. Carmen has been left a great legacy by her father Bill, who's device, is in a class of is own.


The Muller energy device has been independently replicated. Currently these results are posted on the Muller power site. New Video's of the device have nbeen posted on the web site.


Carmen and Muller power are more then capable of honoring Bill's legacy and continuing his work. Muller power currently needs further funding and public awareness in order to advance to capacity.


Please visit the Muller power site for the complete detail of the device. Panacea also has involvment with the open source engineer Doug konzan who contributes daily to open source alternative energy research and development. Doug is currently working on perfecting a version of Bill's device. Doug has fused his version together with the open source Roto-Verter technology.


Additional funds and research and development is still needed to perfect this technology. Many engineers registered with Panacea possess the capacity to resurrect this technology. It is Panacea's goal to assimilate all these engineers into a resource backed environment to study and support the Muller technology. 


Doug's and Muller power's contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted towards faculty study in the propsed granted Panacea research and development centre. 


If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the centre or help Muller power please contact Panacea.