A great majority of the research principles mentioned at the Tesla Tech conference, the Weinfelden conference and listed on the Patent page have been explored by Jean-Louis Naudin.


Jean Naudin preforms  specific critically needed scientific investigation into the miss understood non- mainstream over- unity physics. JLN Labs preforms these tests and reports his results open source to help advance education.This is exactly what the proposed granted Panacea research and development center is intended to acheive, but at a larger capacity.


JLN labs research is largly unknown to the main stream scientific communitty, and is not funded by any government and or scientific faculty. Jean-Louis Naudin is truly a very special human-being and gentleman, and without his significant contributions, we would be the lesser for it.


Investigations JLN labs have done include signficant research and development into:


Propellantless propulsion researches

UAV researches and testing

Cold Fusion researches and experiments

 Plasma, Ball Lightning, OAUGDP experiments

The Synergetic theory: A solution to the energy crisis



Free Energy from Atomic Hydrogen with the MAHG

The Chung's Negative Resistance (CNR) Experiment

Exploring the Tesla technologies

Vortex technologies and experiments

 Negative Differential Resistance Oscillator

The Bearden's Free Energy Collector 

The Aether tensile stress with B-Field torsion



 Electromagnetic devices

Magnetic motors 

The Faraday Homopolar Generator 

 The Direct conversion of the environment temperature into electricity 



The G Strain Energy Absorber 

The Parametric Power Conversion

The Gyrostatic precession 

 Graaf Generator 

Anomalous excess heat in "Cold Fusion"

The Cornille's electrostatic pendulum.


Jean-Louis Naudin has also done excellent research regarding anti gravity propulsion systems. 





Please visit the JLN labs site for his lab results. All these tests have been done by constructing a lab model to verify the results. Virutually ALL these principe are unknown to mainstream phisics and energy engineering faculties AND can do benefit.


Despite JLN labs having working available devices and many advanced energy transformation research principles, this scientific find has no faculty recognition, grant backing and JLN labs are further unable to get faculties to present and accept these findings. 


JLN labs contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish. JLN labs results and will be submitted into faculty study in the proposed Panacea research and development center


If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or help JLN labs research, please contact Panacea