Professor Kanarev is the holder of five patents and several books. Professor Kanarev has shown a new form of electrochemistry which can generate much more hydrogen than a conventional electrolysis ever could


His tests show at least 10 times the capacity but his data also suggests 4,000 times more hydrogen than the Wh input would predict. He also has measured very significant hydrogen generation when his cell is not powered.


Kanarev's 3 kW hydrogen producing experimental plasma 

electrolysis reactor in operation during a demonstration in 

January 2002 in Krasnodar, Russia (Photo J. Hartikka).


Kanarev is based in the Kuban State Agrarian university and has had this technology available since 2002 yet where is it today?. 


Kanarev describes many problems associated with the currnt mainstream scientific faculties dogma and of cause political and economic conditions (Energy suppression). It is currently rumored on the internet that he has been bought out.


The new experimental results giving excess energy cannot be explained and therefore the contemporary theoretical physics and chemistry are in a state of crisis. This crisis can be defeated only by recognizing the significance and validity of the axiom of the unity of space-matter-time in the development of the exact sciences. 


This directly leads them back to classical ways of progress. This approach reinforces the connection between physics and chemistry and elucidates the physico-chemical processes which are generating excess energy during the different methods of processing water.-Translated from Russian by A.I. Kostina. The Third Edition, Krasnodar 2002. 194 Pages, 50 Figures, 22 Tables and more 200 physical and chemistry Equations. 


The Panacea center is the most realistic way to operate at capacity and get this information out to people, so that the information will be widespread and thereby can not be suppressed. 


Despite Kanarev having a working available device, his scientific find has no faculty recognition, and he is further unable to get faculties to present and accept these findings.


Kanarev's contribution need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into a faculty study in the proposed granted Panacea research and development center


If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or Kanarev please contact Panacea


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