Xogen's patented technology has the capacity to provide environmental solutions for essential waste water treatment, unique GEO thermal efficient home energy production and further provide power to run an internal combustion engine on water.


Xogens waste water treament system are unique to all other systems. An explaination of their waste water treament system will has been provided at the end of this presentation.


Despite being able to do this, the history of Xogen's attempt towards implementation of their hydrogen on demand generator technology for home power, cars and waste water treatment qualifies to also be included in the category of the suppressed FREE energy section. 



The complete fate and details of Xogen are to this day still unknown. So far public internet records state that In 2005, the Xogen's website was bought by a completely unrelated company and further to that, no information had been heard from Xogen since October 2005. Their new web site has only recenlty appeared late 2007, more details below.


Before this however:It has been reported to us that Tathicus a CDX company (Canadian Stock Exchange) bought 20% of Xogen, a privately held company. Tathicus stock value was rising on news of immanent release of products or some milestone passage. The CDX froze trading of Tathicus stock pending a report from investigation of Xogen claims. Two YEARS later there was no trading of Tathicus Stock and further no public report yet on Xogen claims.


It does not take much intelligence to reason that the current corporate power structure is based on finite (meter-able) energyAnd further that based on this rational there is logical premise to suppress Xogen's high efficient energy technology. How badly does it hurt a company to have its stock frozen for two years or more?


Internet records state that currently Xogen is working with the government of Alberta but this has not been confirmed by Xogen. They have in the past created an introductional promo video which was in circulation. Currently they havwe re appeared


Xogen technologies.


Despite these records there is no mainstream circulation of Xogen technology that is known today. Xogen's research and development needs to be secured, studied and implemented at the faculty level. The Xogen technology is patented and needs more public access, and will be submitted for this very task in Panacea's proposed granted research and development centre.

The Xogen process is basically a super-Efficient method breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. Standard chemistry books claim that this process requires more energy than can be recovered when the gases are recombined. But this is true only under the worst case scenario.


Quote: Does Xogen's technology exploit stored energy in water? 

Answer: Yes...... It is often said that you cannot get more energy output than input. In it's standard form, this is absolutely true. But lets take a closer look. If we examine one gallon of gasoline, the stored energy is huge. The power needed to release this energy is merely that of a spark, and as we all know, the energy contained in a spark is tiny. This example can be said by some to violate the laws of Physics. The energy of a spark input equals vast energy output. 


Therefore, it can be said that we violate natures laws every time we turn the ignition key, but as we know, this is not true, as we are releasing the stored energy within the gasoline. The ignition system in a car engine is the energy release mechanism. If we examine one gallon of water, the energy stored is even higher than that of gasoline. Xogen doesn't release the stored energy with a spark, but with well known scientific principals which have stood the test of time. Xogen F.A.Q -End quote


When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, using a system which developed and patented by Stan Meyers (USA) and again recently by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses into hydrogen and oxygen gas with very little electrical input.



The generator is filled with tap water with no chemical additives and consumes a moderate amount of power. It also provides hydrogen on demand in a self-pressurizing vessel. The gas output is approximately 60% hydrogen, 30% oxygen and 10% other, based on the impurities in the water. This gas mixture with the addition of air will run an internal combustion engine.


The resulting exhaust is condensed water vapour with zero fuel emissions. A report by Independent Testing Results for Xogen states, The Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) has assessed data testing and analysis conducted relative to the basic science of the Xogen technology (hereafter 'the technology') and makes the following statements:

The technology is not conventional electrolysis as governed by the laws of electrolysis established by Michael Faraday in 1834, because the technology produces approximately 3 times more gas output for approximately 1/3rd the current required by conventional electrolysis; The gas output in part (a) is achieved without special water (i.e. deionized, demineralized ) or catalyst (electrolyte). Only City of Calgary tap water was used.

As a minimum, with the same power input, the gas production that has been achieved with environmental streams tested is similar to what has been achieved with ordinary tap water; The output gas is a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen containing less than 3% water vapour; The electronic circuitry is digitally driven; The gas output does not require drying or filtering prior to its use for combustion; The technology is manufactured from off-the-shelf components. In order to address issues of safety, the Xogen generator output was combusted as it was produced, without the requirement for gas storage.

The output gas has been used to operate a Briggs and Stratton engine and a 1kW Honda generator under 90% load conditions, with very minor modifications to both engines.


The former web sites stated :


Although Xogen was granted US patent US6126794, they did dissapear from public view. A relative introduction to their importance to the current climate is best presented from a transcript of their video which states:


70 percent of the earth is covered in water 2 and a half percent of that is fresh and only 1/3 of that fresh water is available for human use. Presently it is estimated that over one billion people have no access to water, 2 and a half billion people have no sanitation and 2 billion people have no energy.


The world needs an environmentally responsible way to clean up waste and to provide clean water and energy to communities around the globe. The Xogen technology WAS presently available to met these challenges faced today and WAS laying the ground work towards the challenges expected to be faced by future generations.


The following is a presentation of the xogen technology as it applies to water purification and waste water treatment and also how it has the capacity to provide and environmentally solutions to home heating and power generation.


Xogen power was a research and Development company dedicated to creating clean water, air and energy technologies. Xogen could also be profiled in the suppression page as it is CURRENTLY a mystery to what happened to the company. The Xogen system was designed to run off renewable energy and recharge 12 volt batteries from wind or solar energy to provide direct current electricity to the Xogen system.


The system was also designed to run off grid power and switch between the 2 in real time. Whilst the science behind the system is complex the system is not, plain untreated tap water is hit with a current caring a unique electronic signal a signal to cause the h20 molecule to disassociate into hydrogen and oxygen.



By using the Xogen process unlike conventional electrolysis, the water does not require chemical additives The Stainless Steel plates in the Xogen system are similar non precious metals when the water molecules disassociate and turn into a gas. There are no membranes or separators needed; the xogen system produces a stable oxy hydrogen gas.


With Xogen's technology hydrogen and oxygen are produced together on demand as needed. They are separate but mixed together as a unique combustible gas. The production of the oxy hydrogen gas is instantaneous no preheating is necessary and the system is compact enough to produce
the gas on site at the point of combustion.


The Xogen system has essential environmental relevance by especially in purification of waste water and in the role of a sewerage treatment plant. Below is an example of the unique Xogen technology tested and presented to show its capacity in treatment of bio solids.






In short their system is enough premise and evidence to investigate and evaluate Xogen's process to serve the public environmental needs, this technology has been almost faded by the corporate environment conditions, it is logical that the Panacea centre is needed to further secure Xogens contribution towards alternative energy research and development.


In late 2007 Xogen's web site re appeared on the web. They are now focusing on their waste water treatment system.There is no mention of their energy system which can run an internal combustion motor


Quote-Xogen Technologies Inc. is a young, aggressive company who is currently developing an innovative technology for the treatment of wastewater. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry’s approach to wastewater treatment by vastly reducing the footprint of treatment plants, eliminating most of the conventional unit processes, eliminating the production of biosolids and simultaneously producing a byproduct, oxyhydrogen gas, for reuse as an energy source. 

The ultimate goal of the company is to manufacture key components in Canada and market the technology world wide. Xogen Technologies Inc., its predecessor and the principals have expended in excess of $8 million over the last eight+ years developing the base technology for oxyhydrogen gas production and bench scale research of the technology applied to municipal wastewater treatment. 

This work has resulted in an extensive patent portfolio and an ongoing strategy to protect intellectual property while aligning patent protection with market research. Just recently, Xogen’s US patent for wastewater treatment was granted.-End Quote 


Australia (and any other places of drought) and other countries can benefit from Xogens unique waste water treatment systems. This can be applyed to thier lawns and many other areas. Panacea will pledge to help toward development and support of Xogens technology . Grants are needed for this task.


A video introduction of their process can be viewed on You tube here


Xogen's Patent-Apparatus for Producing Orthohydrogen and/or Parahydrogen


If you are an established institution involved in any of the energy or any scientific process mentioned and you feel you can aid in the faculty support and or grant funding of xogen's tecnology please  contact Panacea