The Testatika device is reported to be a "free energy" machine coming from Switzerland, Europe. It was first developed from over 20 years of research by a religious group called Methernitha.


The Testatika machine taken from the Video.


Quote:The Testatika is an electromagnetic/electrostatic generator based on the 1989 Pidgeon electrostatic machine which includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. Allegedly a free energy machine that harnesses energy from the aether, the Testatika resembles in some respects a Wimshurst machine. It was built by German engineer, Paul Suisse Bauman, and promoted by a Swiss community, the Methernithans. The Testatika is also known as the Swiss M-L converter or Thesta-Distatica.


The machine's operation has been recorded for several decades, reportedly. Operating Testatika devices were recorded in the 1960s at a place called Methernitha (near Berne, Switzerland). The specific and precise working principles in the Testatika are unknown. From various sources, Testatika reportedly ultilizes design features of the electrostatic Pidgeon machine. The Testatika seems to possess an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. Devices heretofore seen have not used semiconductors or transistors. The entire circuit has been divided in two parts:


    * An electrostatic generator; and,

    * An auxiliary circuits (inductances, capacitances, and rectification) -End quote


Video's of the Device


This device is unlike any of the alternative and suppressed energy devices mentioned on this web page. The unique thing is, this device has not been suppressed by the energy cartels and the device is not currently a proprietary device. 


This device has been developed by the Methernitha religious group. This group publicly states that theyb are fearful of how the out side world would use this device. As a result, this is the principle reasons why the are not dislcosing the technology out side of thier own community.


Obviously it could be harnessed and used safley in controlled conditions.This is not a completly justified position based on the security which could be created, and the critical need for clean energy sources. Also the technology is working is at this time, it is reported to also be at an R and D stage and can be further improved by an out side input.


A quote from theirweb page regarding this free energy device.


No doubt, through the so far achieved results one main objective has been reached, namely to prove that it is possible to use Free Energy. Nevertheless the research work is not yet completed.To the educated physicist many a thing of this machine may seem impossible, maybe even crazy. 


Maybe he is also offended by the conceptions used to explain the whole. Only partly we could use the concepts of conventional physical terminology to explain and define only approximately the functions and properties of the various parts of the machine.


After all it will be necessary to create some more new concepts like the one we have already used before, when we termed the non-contacting collectors of electric charges as antenna keys.


This machine puts experts, which are just trained in conventional physics to a very hard test, because its mode of action is not explainable with the state of the art of officially accepted physical knowledge, or at the most only partially explainable. However also a trained specialist should remain free and independent in his thinking, and should avoid to be limited by the temporal framework of publicly admitted knowledge in any science. -End


The proposed granted Panacea research and development center can effectivly provide security, study, disclosure and engineers support for this technology. Grants or dontations appied towards this task is a realistic way to operate at capacity and get this information out to people. 


The center ensures that the [faculty] information will be wide spread and thereby can not be suppressed. The center will provide an avenue to advance education of these and other systems which mainstream faculties remain un accepting and or unaware of. 


Despite the Testatika being a working available device, this scientific find has no faculty recognition, and the majority of the public do not know of its existance. Also faculties have NO access to the technology to present these findings. 


All these contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in the proposed Panacea research and development center. If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or help the research of the Testatika please contact Panacea. 


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