The best introduction to Veljko Milkovic's technology can be found on his home page. The following information is a summary of many unique HIGH EFFICIENT clean energy inventions by Veljko Milkovic. There is currently no mainstream public faculty access to any of these technologies or concepts.


Veljko Milkovic demonstrating his excess energy process


Above is Veljko's two stage or multi-level oscillator. The following inventions are different possibilities which can be acheived from the application of the multi-level oscillator:


1. Water hand pump with pendulum


2. Fan with pendulum


3. Mechanical hammer with adaptable pendulum weight.


4. Press with pendulum and magnets.

5. Water pump with pendulum and electromagnets.


6. Electrogenerator with pendulum and magnetic buffers.


7. Wind propelled electrodynamo and gravitational potential.


8. Electrodynamo with elastic pendulum handle

9. Electrodynamo with double lever and eccentric mass windmill.


The author of the tenth invention is Nebojsa Simin. This invention is a universal device for power generation and movement by inertia:


10. Electrodynamo with eccentric flywheel and electric motor.


Veljko has also has developed an inertial drive (anti-gravitational) motor in his research study, there he worked hard on a gravitation phenomenon and also on the improvement of anti-gravitational experiments and, connected to that, anti-gravitational operating systems. 

Veljko has also made a new discovery about gravity and inertia that is as important as Newtons observations.


Two-stage mechanical oscillator


Abstract: "EXCESSENERGY Veljko Milkovic conducted a series of experiments on the basic model - mechanical hammer with a physical pendulum. All the experiments led to the conclusion that the input energy is smaller than the output energy. -End


Above is a water pump application of his two-stage mechanical oscillator

In the last few years he has been working in the field of single-stage and two-stage mechanical oscillations, which represent a new source of widely, used energy, based on which he has 22 approved patents


Among other things in his experiments, he managed to measure 12 times more output energy than the input energy required. In the last 10 years, no one disputed research and measurings carried out by Milkovic.


Milkovic has received many positive comments and opinions relating to his research from domestic and foreign physicists, professors, academicians, engineers and researchers. However there is still no commercial or mainstream faculy awareness of his two-stage mechanical oscillation technology.

Veljko Milkovic's patented device can be proven to show ""EXCESS" ENERGY via a physical model. Veljko Milkovic conducted a series of experiments on the basic model - mechanical hammer with a physical pendulum. All the experiments led to the conclusion that the input energy is smaller than the output energy.


An open source Panacea engineer explains that a child on the swing being pushed with only little energy needed phenomenon is caused by a shift of the centre of gravity on the pendulum (swing) in phase with its natural frequency of oscillations. One way of tapping this is proposed in the Milkovic device.


Veljko Milkovics observation of this new process is essential towards advancing education. The faculty curriculums have much to benefit by Veljko's new discoveries.Please consult his web site for more detail.

Replications have already been done which prove that this design is very practical in the application of gravity assisted systems.

Despite Veljko Milkovic having a working available device, his scientific find has no faculty recognition and he is further unable to get faculties to present his findings. Veljko Milkovic contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in the proposed granted Panacea research and development center

If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or help Veljko Milkovics please contact PanaceaAll of Veljko's technology including Eco housing design and energy generation will be developed, studied and taught in the proposed granted Panacea research and development center. 


Veljko's Eco housing designs are contained under Eco housing on the sustainable development page.


 For further detail on the a replication of this system and other gravity systems please consult

Panacea's on-line university.

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