The mainstream scientific establishment's response to Irish company Steorn presenting their "orbo" free energy developer principle based on time variant magnetic interactions has been less than practical or encouraging to say the very least. Note- This technology is at the principle stage and requires further development - It is not a functional device at present.


Latest independent testimonial showing the new solid state

configuration producing a 300% extra energy gain


Instead of the mainstream scientific circles attempting to learn about Steorn reporting a new discovery which has profound implications for humanity to create self sufficiency and clean energy - They have simply dismissed it as "not possible" with out any thorough investigation.


Any complete objective observation was substituted for lackadaisical and incredulous judgment. The result - The mainstream faculties education suffers and there is an unnecessary delay in the public's perception with renewable energy.


There is a typical and repeatable response which new discoveries/FREE energy technology receive from the current climate. Panacea has documented this and presented a proposed solution which can be found on the how they went wrong page.


The reality is that FREE energy devices have been available (and mis-understood) since the age of Nikola Tesla (1800's). Suppression, ignorance, inventors business incompetence and failed investigations from the mainstream academia have all played a joint roll in keeping them from public dissemination.


Also there has ever been a specific institution in place to help independently validate and create security for the FREE energy genre. Thus Steorn have had to proceed themselves and at the grass roots level. This has held them back for years. The main reason? Trying to get the mainstream academia to accept their findings. 


The role of the proposed granted NON PROFIT Panacea research and development center is to create secure conditions that police any interference from faculty ignorance or worse. To prevent this repeatable pattern from continuing and gain support, validation and credibility for the free energy inventor. The center must do this by being a public face for this task and provide security, third party validation and help advance education with this genre. A new faculty and conditions for FREE energy engineering and new discoveries is long overdue. Many cases files in history can prove this, but the response has never been reform. A recent example can be found in Bloom energies experiences


It is the intent of Panacea to learn from these past mistakes and create the reformed conations for real time progress, public education, security and help future technologies.


The Permanent magnet version

of Steorns Orbo-source


Despite Steorn currently offering developer licenses, Steorn's device could of been in public hands YEARS AGO.This design has been independently validated and shown by Steorn to display a time-variant magnetic interaction which leads to a non-conservative energy result.


On top of this Steorn have already provided a public transparent live demonstration for the world to evaluate and test themselves!.


Waterways Demo open to the public


The only observable source for the excess energy is the magnetic domain over time. That's it!. Where magnetic energy derives from or what the source of energy is in the magnetic field is irrelevant for now.The important point is that Steorn's results are present for any one to evaluate and test and yet still remain neglected.


Steorn's new disciovery needs developers to help perfect the principle into practical FREE energy applications for the public. Think of the implications for such a device.


Screen shot taken from the Video - The solid state version.


The latest Video showing Steorn's solid state evaluation board is now available to the public for evaluation. The "troops" need support on the official licensed Steorn forum in order to progress this technology into FREE energy applications in real time.


Orbo Evaluation and Development Unit Brochure


Steorn's experience shows the need for reform into the scientific communities conditions and environment for new energy discoveries. We must learn from this experience and now see the reasoning why we need secure infrastructure in place to ensure real time momentum.


Steorn: Sky News: Race On To Prove Free Energy


A 2 minute Utube Video turned up which further validates the free energy claims of Steorn. In the video we see accomplished engineer and inventor Thieu Knapen, CEO of Dutch company Kinetron discussing Steorn's Orbo technology, which he had personally tested in his own workshop facility.


One of the first Proof of principle configurations


Steorn Orbo Device: First Video of the Device 


Steorn have since performed public demo's proving their technology.The device has been shown under open house and Steorn have allowed the public to measure and study it.


The electromagnetic Orbo Version -on display

- Photo Courtesy of ESA


The Orbo Device on display - Photo Courtesy of ESA


Steorn Waterways Demo: Tachoman adjusting the Orbo

Steorn Waterways Demo: Orbo in General


A special thanks to Panacea volunteer ESA for taking the above video's and validating the device.


Despite Steorn having a working available device, their scientific find has no faculty recognition or security. Their contributions can be secure and progress in real time in a grant backed research and development centre environment specific for this task. If you're a member of the public or scientific group which can aid in grants for the proposed granted non profit centre or help Steorn please contact Panacea.



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