Quote- Wilhelm Reich was a physician and scientist whose investigation of energy functions in human emotions led to the discovery of an unknown, all energy which exists in all living matter and in the cosmos. He called this energy "orgone." Born in 1897 in the Austrian province of Galicia, Wilhelm Reich, A student of Sigmund Freud, became one of the great psychoanalytic pioneers before his clinical studies led him into the laboratory and to investigations of the energy processes in nature. In 1954, the Federal Food and Drug Administration obtained an Injunction which ordered Reich's literature to be banned and destroyed, constituting one of the most heinous acts of censorship in U.S. history. -End quote Wilhelm Reich: "Viva Little Man!


There is no justification for any mainstream faculties to ignore the works of Wilhelm Reich. His work has been validated by many in the Lab.There is no logical reasoning to refuse to provide further investigation and promote public access to information and education covering Orgone technology.


Orgonomy has many beneficial applications for humanity. These include Orgone biophysics, therapy,medical,child raising, social and political theories. Simply put; Orgonomy needs a complete public face.


Wilhelm Reich's techology also includes RAIN MAKING CAPACITY (weather modification for drought relief, stopping fires, high winds and hurricanes) plus alternative energy research and development, yet despite this mainstream faculties and public awareness of Reich's discoveries remains non existent. The following introductory video is courtesy of James DeMeo.


Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy: A Brief Introduction


There are additional institutions dedicated to the preservation and further study Orgone energy, however they are forced to operate independently of government and faculty acceptance, and financial support. 


In California please visit: Link. Others include James DeMeo of the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, the American College of Orgonomy, the Institute for Orgonomic Science and The educational institute called “Orgonon the Wilhelm Reich Museum” which is dedicated to researching and advancing Wilhelm’s work. 


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The Following is a transcript taken from a documentary film on Reich. This summery is intended (as was the film) as a brief and BASIC introductory explanation of his works into Orgone energy.


Quote-The documentary Wilhelm Reich: Man's Right to Know ~30min Designed as both the opening exhibit of the Wilhelm Reich Museum and an educational tool for wider audiences, this video provides a concise overview of Reich's life and work. Comprised of stills, movie footage and computer animation, it is not intended as a substitute for Reich's literature, but as an easy-to-understand introduction to Reich's discovery and investigations of orgone energy. The video also provides a succinct and dramatic account of the FDA's campaign to destroy Reich's work. -End quote


Transcript: In the 1930's Dr Willheim Reich an Austrian physician and psychoanalyst discovered a powerful new physical energy and for the next two decades devoted his life to the investigation of its laws and properties. 


Dr Willhelm Reich


He confirmed the existence of the energy in the human body, Reich verified its presence in the atmosphere, developed instrumentation to observe and collect it and harnessed it for a variety of purposes from cancer treatment, motor power and weather experimentation.


A reading form a scientific measurement used 

by Reich To detect orgone in the human body


Reich called his discovery Orgone energy but tragically it was a discovery that the world was not yet ready for. Reich's clinical observation demonstrated that sexual energy and sexual satisfaction in fact alleviated neurotic symptoms.


 He discovered that the function of the orgasm is to maintain and energy equilibrium in the body by discharging excess biological energy that builds up naturally in the body, if that discharge function is disturbed as it proved to be the case in all of his patients, this energy continues to build up with out adequate release stagnating and fueling neurotic disorders.


Reich scientific measurement verifying orgone

 presence in the atmosphere


Reich's orgasm findings set him apart from his colleagues, including at the time Freud, as his findings indicated that the Freud theory of the libido was a real physical energy that possibly might be able to be measured quantitatively. His clinical work also lead to new therapeutic techniques designed to discover and eliminate any impediments to the flow and discharge of this energy.


But the wide spread of human misery in Reich's time lead him to conclude that the right treatment for neurosis was not treatment but infact prevention. You have to re vamp your whole way of thinking said Reich, so you dont think from the stand point of the state and the culture, but from what people need and from what people suffer from, then you arrange your social institutions accordingly.


In Berlin and Vienna Reich devoted allot of his time and money educating caring and education working class people about the essential role of sexuality in their lives Also Reich worked to reach the most amount in the socialist and communist parties to promote better education better housing, birth control and divorce rights Reich re called that there was about 50,000 people in my organization in the first year, Reich also openly opposed the rise of the Nazi party This lead the communist and German institutions to expel Reich.

The discovery of orgone energy was made through consistent thorough study of energy functions first in the realm of the psyche, and later in the realm of biological functioning -Wilhelm Reich from ether, god and devil. 

At around about the time of 1935 at the university of Oslo, while continuing to teach and develop his innovative techniques Reich began a series of laboratory experiments to verify the existence of a physical bio logical energy expressed in the emotions. Using human subjects Reich was able to demonstrate a charge at the skins surface directly related to feelings of pleasure or anxiety.



The charge would increase when the subject would feel pleasure and decrease during unpleasant feelings from this Reich concluded that pleasure could be conceived as the movement of biological energy towards the periphery of the organism. 



Whilst anxiety is the movement of this energy towards the center.



At the time he assumed this energy to be electrical but was it? And did similar energy processes exist in other basic life forms?.



Reich discovered that under certain conditions sterilized and un sterilized substances, such as grass, sand bloody charcoal and food disintegrate into pulsating vesicles that exhibit a bluish color. Reich named these vesicles Bions and observed internal motility in the Bions and effective energy he also found that certain bios revealed a strong radiation phenomena seen here as a white fluid around the organism.



And that these bions could kill bacteria and cancer cells This radiation confirmed the existence of an energy that did not obey any known laws of ordinary electricity or ordinary magnetism.

Reich called this energy orgone because its discovery had evolved from his investigation of the orgasm and because this energy could charge organic matter. when he published his findings the scientific and psychiatrist communities responded with a vicious year long attack in the Norwegian press.


 in the wake of this response and the inevitability of a second world war Reich began to look to America as the future home for his work In august 1939 Reich sailed to America and began to teach at the new school for social research at Manhattan and published his books in English and started to train American physicians in his therapeutic techniques based on his research and perused his interests and investigations into orgone energy. 


Since the energy appeared to be every where, and permeate all substances Reich had to find ways to isolate and collect it in order to study its functions and make it usable. Experiments demonstrated that organic or non metallic materials such as cotton wool or plastic attract absorb and hold the energy.



Where Metallic materials like steal or iron attract the energy and quickly reflect it in both directions




On the basis of these experiments Reich constructed small boxes with alternating layers of organic and metallic materials.



With the inner walls lined with metal the organic layers attract the atmospheric orgone energy is then directed inwards by the metal layers any energy reflected back from the metal layers is re absorbed by the outer organic layers which is then attracted back to the metal and attracted back to the metal and directed to the inside of the box or orgone accumulator.


An Orgone accumulator


The result was a higher concentration of orgone energy in the box, the more layers the higher the concentration this accumulation of energy can be verified in a variety of ways, for example a constant temperature difference exists between the air [inside] above the box and in the surrounding air contradicting the second law of thermo dynamics.


The red symbolizes the hotter temperature difference.


There also exists a slower electroscopic discharge rate in the higher orgone concentration with in the box these layered boxes known as orgone energy accumulators and became a valuable tool in Reich scientific and medical research. Initially they were used to observe a visually manifestation of orgone energy with in the enclosure and to test the effects of orgone energy on cancer mice. 


Because his results with cancer mice were so promising Reich decided to test the effects of orgone radiation on human subjects. He constructed orgone energy accumulators that were large enough for a person to sit in and in 1942 he began experimental treatment with cancer patients. They were all terminal cases; Reich promised no cure and charged no money, over a period in the time the patients showed marked improvement relief of pain, healthier blood condition, weight gain and the shrinkage and elimination of tumors.

Despite these positive results the patients died re enforcing Reich's position that cancer is a bio energetic shrinking flowing emotional resignation and that the tumors themselves are not the disease but merely a local manifestation of a deeper systemic disorder. Once again Reich's focus became prevention Reich also discovered that water and high humidity absorb and hold orgone energy making it difficult to carry out experimental work in New York City.

During the summer in 1940 on a camping trip to new England Reich discovered the ranges lakes region in mane. 



With its low humidity and clean air it provided an ideal environment for his work. In 1942 Reich purchased an old farm bordering on a small lake, he called it Organon and envisioned it as a permanent home for his branches of work.

In 1945 a students laboratory was built 3 years later construction began on an orgone energy laboratory, funding for these buildings and for Reich’s research came exclusively from his own income as a physician and teacher and from loans and contributions from students.


By 1947 after less than 8 years in America, Reich's work was attracting considerable interests as orgone research expanded into new areas of psychiatry medicine and bio physics. 


One of Reich's most significant new developments was the discovery of a motor force in orgone energy that had enormous practical applications.



Here Reich demonstrates a small motor being propelled by orgone energy from the body.And below the motor power is provided by orgone energy harnessed from the atmosphere.



With the development of orgonon Reich’s dream of a home for his work was slower becoming a reality. Sadly it was a dream that he would not see full filled. A free lance journalist helped start the conspiracy against Reich and in her most propagandist comment wrote:


'he builds the accumulators of it [orgone] which are rented out to patients who presumably derive orgiastic potency from it'


Implying that Reich was a danger to the public the journalist challenged the authorities to take action against him 2 months later the article was brought to the attention of the federal food and drug (FDA)administration the result was a 10 year campaign by the agency designed to destroy Reich’s work the FDA focused on the orgone accumulators which Reich and other physicians were using experimentally with other patients.


The FDA insisted that the accumulator was a fraud and being promoted as a sexual medical device, FDA associates spent a year interviewing Reich’s associate’s students and patients looking for dissatisfied accumulator users none were ever found. As the FDA attack continued so did Reich’s work

He continued to develop new ways to visualize measure and harness orgone energy from the atmosphere. The cloud buster for example was an experimental instrument that could effect weather patterns by altering concentrations of orgone energy in the atmosphere.



A set of hollow metal pipes and cables inserted into water creates a stronger orgone energy system than that in the surrounding atmosphere; water which strongly attracts and absorbs orgone draws the atmospheric energy through the pipes.



This movement of orgone from a lower pressure from a higher energy system (like an energy sink) was used by Reich to create clouds and to dissipate them.


In 1953 during a long drought that threatened the main blue berry crop several farmers offered to pay Reich if he could bring rain to the parched region, the weather station had forecasted no rain for several days when Reich began his cloud busting operations, 10 hours later a light rain began to form over the next few days close to 2 inches fell, the blue berry crop was saved.


In Feb. of 1954 the FDA filed a complaint for an injunction for Reich in the federal court at Portland the complaint declared that ogone energy does not exist it ask the court to prohibit the shipment of accumulators in interstate commerce and to ban Reich's public literature which they claim was labeling for the accumulators.


Reich responded to the complaint with a lengthy letter to the judge explaining that he could not appear in court since doing so would allow a court of law to judge basic scientific research. Scientific matters he wrote can only be clarified by prolonged, faithful bona fide observations in friendly exchange of opinion and never by litigation. I there for submit in the name of true and justice that i shall not appear in court.


The judge did not accept Reich’s letter as a valid legal response and the injunction was issued on default as if Reich had never responded at all. But the injunction was even more excessive than the original complaint, and it further order that all orgone energy accumulator devices and their parts be destroyed by the defendants. It further ordered that all written printed and graphic matter containing instructions for the use of any orgone energy accumulator device shall be destroyed as well.


It also banned a list of Reich’s books containing statements of orgone energy until such time that all references to orgone energy were deleted. After the initial shock Reich continued his work traveling to Arizona and to experiment with the cloud buster in the dry Arizona desert environment.


Whilst he was there and with out his knowledge, one of Reich's students DR Michael Silvert moved a truck load of accumulators and books to New York City a direct violation of the injunction. As a result the FDA charged Reich and silvert with criminal contempt of court. In 1956 both men were found guilty. Reich was sentenced to 2 years in prison.



While Reich appealed his sentence the government carried out the destruction of accumulators and Literature. In New York City several tones of Reich's books and publications were burned on one of the cities garbage incinerators including titles that were only to have been banned. This destruction of literature constitutes one of the most heinous acts of censorship in the in the United States history.

All appeals denied on march 11th 1957, 2 weeks short of his 60th birthday Reich was imprisoned. In prison, he died of heart failure 8 months later and was buried at Organon.


In the course of history of natural science it always happens that profound or true thoughts or true facts were always wither distorted or flattened out the danger of especially of distortion is particularly great in the case of orgonomy we must be scientific we cannot be political in these matters and I personally declare that I will be the first to fight all my strengths and what ever I've got against such a distortion of our principles - Wilhelm Reich. -End quote.


There have been other attempts to silence this work. In the 1960s, a radical group of psychotherapists challenged the influence of Freudian ideas in America. They were inspired by the ideas of Wilhelm Reich, a pupil of Freud's, who had turned against him and was hated by the Freud family. He believed that the inner self did not need to be repressed and controlled. It should be encouraged to express itself. Out of this came a political movement that sought to create new beings free of the psychological conformity that had been implanted in people's minds by business and politics.


This programme shows how this rapidly developed in America through self-help movements like Werber Erhard's Erhard Seminar Training - into the irresistible rise of the expressive self: the Me Generation.But the American corporations soon realised that this new self was not a threat but their greatest opportunity. It was in their interest to encourage people to feel they were unique individuals and then sell them ways to express that individuality. To do this they turned to techniques developed by Freudian psychoanalysts to read the inner desires of the new self. featuring Wilhelm Reich and Lore Reich.


There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads (part 1 of 6)


Despite the Orgone communities having working available devices and R and D potential, they have no faculty recognition or support. This research requires endorsement and sponsorship to continue.


These contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study and supported in the proposed granted Panacea research and development center.


This technology must and can be developed further to allow for a improved public health, weather modification and FREE energy systems. If you're a member of the public or a scientific group who can aid in grants for the center or help the the Reich communites please contact Panacea.


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